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Taylor Swift’s New Love Story DOESN’T Hold A Joe Alwyn Engagement Clue, After All

taylor swift's new love story doesn't have a joe alwyn clue

Swifties, put down your magnifying glasses and your conspiracy-board string — we’ve got a false clue on our hands.

ICYMI, recent chatter in the Swiftie-verse speculated that Taylor Swift may have left a hint about her possible engagement in the snippet of her newly re-recorded version of Love Story. The theory went that the latest version of the song, which was featured in a commercial directed by pal Ryan Reynolds, contained the lyrics “It’s a love story / baby just said yes” (rather than the original “say yes”), indicating that Joe Alwyn may have already popped the question.

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Listen (below):

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The theory wasn’t totally out of left field, as the 30-year-old’s music has been hinting at the relationship moving to the next level for a while now (think Paper Rings from Lover or the line “give you a child” from the folklore track peace). For once, though, there is no Easter egg to be found: sources told E! News that the lyrics remained unchanged from the 2008 version.

It makes sense — even though TayTay promised some “surprises” with her re-recordings, the songs need to sound basically identical to the old versions in order to truly de-value the ones that make money for Scooter Braun. (BTW, if you were craving a Swiftian Easter egg from the Love Story ad, there was one — it was just about her enemy, not her lover.)

For Taylor/Joe shippers who may be disappointed by the news, don’t lose hope! The songwriter has kept her personal life notoriously private over the last few years, so it’s totally possible they could be engaged and we just don’t know about it. What we do know is that beyond being a trusted collaborator, the actor has also been a shoulder to lean on throughout her mom Andrea Swift’s cancer battle.

A source told Entertainment Tonight:

“[Taylor] has been having a tough time with her mom’s health, but her mom is getting treatment and she and her family have been trying to stay optimistic. She has been focusing on her music and spending a lot of time with Joe. Taylor wanted to take some time to herself and her family this year, so in that regard, the quarantine and break has been positive for her.”

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Of The Favourite star, the insider added:

“Joe has provided such a great support system for Taylor. He is the one constant in her life that she can truly rely on. Joe has helped Taylor with her music, inspiring it. She is so grateful for him and in love with him. He is her cheerleader and rock. They have spoken about their future together and they love celebrating the holidays together and are looking forward to that.”

See, Swifties? We could be hearing more about “their future” any day now. Stay positive and keep your eye out for future clues!

[Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram & Netflix]

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