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Taylor Swift Reportedly Ghosted Scooter Braun When He Tried To Reach Out To Her Privately!

Taylor Swift Scooter Braun ghosted

Trying to make peace??
Scooter Braun reportedly wanted to make peace with Taylor Swift — or at least chat with her privately — once Sunday’s brouhaha blew up over social media after he bought Big Machine Label Group, and the singer responded with a scathing open letter on Tumblr.
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According to one source close to the scene who spoke to Us Weekly about it, Braun is “still open” to having a private conversation with Swift in order to smooth things over regarding his purchase of her full music catalog from Big Machine’s founderScott Borchetta.
The source relayed the following (below):

“Scooter is open to having a private conversation with Taylor to clear up everything that went down. He reposted some messages of support on his Instagram Stories, but he has no intention of releasing a formal statement and blowing up the situation even more than it already has been. This is between Scooter and Taylor, not the world.”

Hmmm… it’s one thing to say “this is between Scooter and Taylor, not the world,” but that’s a tough case to make when, as the source admits, Braun was publicly bragging about the sale and defending himself shamelessly all across Instagram over the past 48 hours. If it’s not about the world, and you’re the bigger person who wants to talk to Taylor privately, maybe don’t announce it to the world all over social media, then???
Just an idea!!!

Swift’s Silence!

But beyond Scooter, the hold-up here may actually be Taylor herself, who is apparently “not interested” in talking it out at all with the super-manager. According to The Blast, sources “connected to the deal” are saying Justin Bieber‘s manager reached out through a series of mutual celeb connections on Monday morning to try to engage Tay in a “private dialogue.” The hope, per the source, was a “mature and private phone call” between the two parties.
Unfortunately for Braun, though, Swift reportedly ghosted him from the get-go, never showing any interest in having a one-on-one discussion about the music catalog purchase. However, there may still be an opening for the pair to discuss this eventually, but for right now, T. Swift is too upset to deal with Scooter’s excuses and reasoning.
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Reportedly, the 38-year-old “wants Swift to understand the main reason he purchased her catalog is because he believes in her music and in her future.” Whether that is really true remains to be seen; for now, though, Braun’s purchase of Swift’s catalog appears to be a solid business decision, if only profits are to be considered.
As TMZ has been reporting early this week, the popularity of the starlet’s old music has skyrocketed a TON on services like Amazon, where fans are buying up her old CDs and streaming more of her old music than ever before. Both she and Braun stand to benefit from the increased sales, as Swift does control some publishing rights to her old songs, so each of ’em are making a decent chunk of change off the controversy. At least for the moment.
What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Should the 29-year-old songstress take the call and at least hear what Scooter has to say?! Or is ghosting him the right move? Does she not owe him a damn thing, or what?? Sound OFF with all your opinions in the comments (below)!!!
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