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SNL Writers Claim Taylor Swift Thought Travis Kelce Was Funny On The Show Well Before They Dated!

SNL Writers Claim Taylor Swift Thought Travis Kelce Was Funny On The Show Well Before They Dated!

There was already a connection between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce even before they met — after he made her laugh during his prior appearance on Saturday Night Live!

The guys from the infamous TikTok comedy troupe Please Don’t Destroy joined up with SNL as writers and cast members back in 2021. And in November of that year, the trio — Ben MarshallJohn Higgins, and Martin Herlihy — worked with Swift and comedian Pete Davidson on a very funny musical parody called Three Sad Virgins that aired as part of the season 47 premiere.

Then, the writing trio connected with Kelce in March of 2023 when the Kansas City Chiefs star hosted the sketch comedy show. In Travyy’s turn at the helm, he portrayed a self-defense coach named Kurt Lightning in one skit. He was tasked with helping the Please Don’t Destroy trio gain more respect from their SNL co-workers. So, the writing-slash-acting trio has a history with both parties. And the PDD guys think they may have helped bring ’em together, too!! Well, sort of!

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On the latest episode of Mike Birbiglia‘s podcast Working It Out, Marshall explained that Taylor apparently told the guys that she found Travis funny months before they ever met after watching him in the Kurt Lightning video:

“We worked with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce before they dated, and I don’t know [if we should say this], but she kind of told us that she watched his SNL episode and saw him in our video and was like, ‘this guy seems funny.'”


Marshall joked that he, Higgins, and Herlihy “brought the couple a little bit together” in that moment. Which is obviously not really the case, as the comedy writer knows, but hey! Making a potential partner laugh is a great way to get them interested! So, in that way, maybe they really did bring Travis and Taylor together!

Marshall also quipped that the trio was thinking about telling that anecdote back in November of last year when they went on Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show. They decided against it, though. As he explained to Birbiglia, they were worried fans might blame them for ruining the relationship if the pair split up:

“We were like, ‘I think that if then they break up, we will somehow be, like, pitted as causing this disaster. It’s just a precarious situation. People have strong feelings.”

Ha! That they do, Ben. That they do.

BTW, you can re-watch Taylor’s 2021 PDD skit (below):

As well as Travis’ self-defense coach hilarity from 2023:

Love ’em! And apparently, Taylor did, too!!

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[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube/SNL/YouTube]

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