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Teen Mom Shocker! Ryan Edwards 'Tried To Stab' Estranged Wife Mackenzie?!

Teen Mom Shocker! Mackenzie Edwards Says Ryan 'Tried To Stab' Her!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Strap in for the latest — and possibly the most shocking — update in the Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards case.

For those who haven’t kept up, Mackenzie filed for divorce last February after Ryan was arrested for a slew of charges relating to drugs and harassment. At the time, she was granted a restraining order and custody of their two children Jagger and Stella. Days later, Ryan was busted for allegedly stalking her and violating an order of protection, per court docs.

Since then, he’s been to prison and rehab — and it’s even been reported that he has a new girlfriend whom he met in treatment. But as of October, he still hadn’t responded to Mackenzie’s divorce filings. And with this latest update, it seems as though he’s far from over the situation.

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On Tuesday, the US Sun revealed chilling police calls made by Mackenzie in January that allegedly show just how scary the reality star can be. In the first call, made on January 31, the 28-year-old informed police that Ryan wanted to pick up some of his belongings from her home, and that she wanted an officer nearby:

“I need to speak to an officer. My ex-husband tore up my house almost a year ago. He hasn’t lived here in a year and he’s trying to come over and get some things. I don’t want him here.”

She then chillingly added that at one point, he allegedly tried to STAB her:

“I was just going to see if an officer can be close to my house. He tried to stab me a year ago and I’m just a little nervous.”


She added that “he wasn’t angry about” her wanting law enforcement present, but “given the history,” she was “nervous” to be completely alone with him. How terrifying… Ryan also placed a phone call to 911 that same day, in which he also asked for an officer to be present during the pick up:

“Listen, I have an issue right now. I’m trying to get something out of the garage of mine where I live. My ex-wife still lives there. We still own the house. Is there any way I can get an officer to go with me? She’s still my wife. We’re just in the process of getting divorced. Right now I don’t think it’s a good idea if I show up without an officer because she is armed. I don’t know how else to explain it to you. She told me to bring a police officer with me so I would be more than happy to do that. It’s not a pressing issue, but it is an issue. I just don’t want any problems.”

From that interaction, it seemed like Ryan was somewhat accommodating. However, according to a third police phone call, what he allegedly texted Mackenzie after the pick-up definitely raised flags:

“Police were just out here with my soon-to-be ex-husband. I need to go ahead and make a report because some of the stuff he said after he left here with them is a little concerning. I need to go ahead and do that. When Ryan left, he sent me a text, after he left with the police acting like he was the victim. He said, ‘you’ll be hard-pressed finding a place to live and no one will survive anything because you can’t act grown.’ He also let me know he was coming tomorrow to get weapons. I’m not sure what he’s talking about. He’s out of his freaking mind. I have that recorded. I have my personal pistol, but I don’t have any weapons that are his. Whatever weapons owned by us in our marital property over the last eight years are weapons I purchased that I don’t know what he’s done with.”

So scary. Especially when there’s weapons involved. And even more so since he allegedly tried to stab her?!?! She added in the police call that their kids were with Ryan’s mother Jen at the time, and that he “does not even see them.”

Oof. What are your reactions to this latest update, Perezcious readers?? Sound off in the comments down below.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, help is available. Consider calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, or text START to 88788, or go to

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