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Jason Kelce Says Being In Taylor Swift's Super Bowl Suite Was 'Very Overwhelming' -- Here's Why!

Jason Kelce Reveals Taylor Swift Super Bowl Suite Was WAY ‘Overwhelming’!

Jason Kelce isn’t used to Taylor Swift‘s level of fame yet!

During Wednesday’s New Heights podcast, the Eagles player opened up about what it was REALLY like to be in a Super Bowl suite with the mega-famous pop star and all her A-lister pals, such as Ice Spice and Blake Lively! The 36-year-old athlete dished:

“There was so much happening in the suite. Turns out everyone wants to meet Taylor.”

Hah! He was surprised by that?!? She’s Taylor Swift!

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Even though he’s witnessed how his brother’s life has been turned upside down since linking up with the Grammy winner, Sunday was an eye-opener for the football center as it was his “first [time] really understanding” what the Anti-Hero artist “has to deal with on a [daily] basis.” He dished:

“There were so many star-studded people there where it’s like, dude, everyone wants to come and see her, but the suite’s only so big.”

And while it was cool, it was also a lot for him to handle:

“It was overwhelming to be honest with you. It was very overwhelming.”

We bet! Though it sure looked like one of the most fun suites to be in!

Funny enough, it was so wild in the jam-packed suite that the father of three had to get out for a bit — and ended up chatting up Keegan-Michael Key and his wife Elisa Pugliese outside the VIP box. Hah! Even when he wanted a break, he couldn’t get away from the celebs!

Travis totally agreed that “the celebrity attendance at the game was pretty unreal,” but he knows his Lover is used to the attention by now, gushing:

“You gotta love it, man. Taylor thrives in those situations. She’s been in ’em countless times in her life.”

Aw! So cute! Hear them spill all the tea about the big game (below)!

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[Image via The Rich Eisen Show/NFL/YouTube]

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