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Feds BLAST Todd Chrisley's Dead Cat Story & Other Prison Condition Claims!

The Feds Clap Back HARD At Todd Chrisley's Claims About Dead Cats & Rat Infestations In Prison!

The Federal Bureau of Prisons isn’t ignoring Todd Chrisley‘s claims — and they aren’t admitting them, either!!

The Chrisley Knows Best star is currently in the slammer in Pensacola, Florida on multiple counts of bank fraud and tax evasion. As of late, both he and his daughter Savannah Chrisley have been vocal about alleged mistreatment at the Federal Prison Camp Pensacola. That includes an alleged shakedown attempt from another inmate AND claims from Todd about absurdly unsettling sanitary conditions inside!

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ICYMI, Todd says inmates are going hungry rather than opting to eat some of the disgusting food inside prison walls. Not only is the fare gross, he alleges, it’s animal-infested — by multiple species! In one memorable lob, Todd asserted rats, mice, and squirrels have gotten loose inside FPC Pensacola’s food storage facility. And in another SUPER shocking remark, the reality TV vet claimed a dead cat once dropped from the ceiling into the inmates’ food. Which, if true, is F**KING GROSS!!!

Chris Cuomo‘s show on News Nation first picked up the claims and ran with ’em this past weekend:

And now, the FBOP has clapped back! HARD!!

On Thursday morning, TMZ cited a statement from the federal outfit that denied Todd’s claims about animal infestation. Instead, the FBOP says, all of its institutions are accredited by the American Correctional Association. That oversight body ensures inmate living conditions are of a certain standard, and everything from food quality (and safety) to environmental conditions like air quality and room temperature are standardized.

The FBOP goes further, too. Not only did they specifically deny the squirrel-slash-rat-slash-mouse-slash-dead cat claims, they reiterated to TMZ they are in the business of operating safe and humane facilities. And other Chrisley claims of food laden with black mold and being passed out despite expiration dates from over a year ago are phony, too, the FBOP says. Uh-huh…

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Honestly, it’s a big deal the FBOP even responded to Todd’s assertions. They have a formal review board called the Administrative Remedy Program for concerns like these. Per the news org, the Bureau says they want Todd and other inmates to go through that interface to report problems. Which, yeah, of course they do. It’s a hell of a lot easier for the feds to keep those reports quiet than it is to deal with a media s**t storm like this! Sorry for being cynical about it… we’re just sayin’!!

Savannah Chrisley Reveals Dad Todd's Famous Blonde Hair Has Already Gone Gray In Prison!
Sav wants her dad home ASAP! / (c) Savannah Chrisley/Chrisley Knows Best/YouTube

As you may recall, Savannah has been adamant that Todd is being retaliated against by prison guards and officials for speaking out. Along with Todd and Julie Chrisley‘s lawyer, Jay Surgent, Sav has been working overtime on getting courts to hear an appeal in the fam’s case. Clearly, she wants her parents out of there ASAP. Understandable under normal conditions — and if things really are as bad as Todd and Savannah keep saying they are, that appeal becomes even more urgent.

Not as far as the FBOP is concerned, tho. To hear them tell it, prison is a cake walk! And there are no dead cats in the cake! Or something like that.

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Do U buy the feds’ denials? Or are you backing Todd with these claims about disgusting prison conditions and filthy food safety — despite the fact he isn’t the most reliable source?? Sound OFF with your take in the comments (below)…

[Image via USA Network/YouTube]

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