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The Origin Of Scandoval Has Been REVEALED!

The Origins Of Scandoval Has Been REVEALED!

More details about Scandoval have been revealed!

Earlier this month, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix ended their nine-year relationship after the 37-year-old found out her longtime boyfriend was cheating on her with their co-star Raquel Leviss through an intimate video on his phone. Making the whole situation worse, it was not just a one-time hookup. They’d been involved with each other for seven months! Ugh.

Since the breakup news broke, a lot of information has come out – including that Scheana Shay allegedly punched Raquel after learning about the months-long tryst. But as for how their whole affair started? Well, those details were not revealed (until now) – especially as the cast was forced to keep some things under wraps after the cameras were rolling again for season 10. But that hasn’t stopped friends of the Vanderpump Rules stars from spilling the tea! In fact, two of Scheana’s pals, Jamie Lynne and Kael Ramsey Ackerson, have come forward to reveal when the Scandoval started!

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During an episode of the Jamie All Over podcast on Tuesday, the duo recalled the moment when things shifted between Raquel and Sandoval from just friends/co-stars to something more. According to Kael, Raquel told him she began to grow “closer” to the 39-year-old after she went on a girl’s trip to Las Vegas – meaning the cameras were recording at the time! He said on the podcast:

“She basically just told me [it happened] seven months ago and after the Las Vegas trip. I told her, ‘Bro, you literally called me an hour or ​two after the girls that made you cry and then you hit me back when you were in Los Angeles.’ And she was like, ‘[After the boys night] is when we got closer.’”

As for what happened that fateful night, Jamie remembered the former pageant queen joined her, Kael, Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, and her ex-fiancé James Kennedy for a night out in August 2022. When some of the group went to Saddle Ranch, she noticed Raquel and the cover band frontman were having what appeared to be an “intimate” conversation at the bar:

“Next episode of Vanderpump Rules is boys night. You and I were there. Afterwards you went home and I went to Saddle Ranch with Raquel, Sandoval and [Schwartz and Sandy’s manager] Brett. You were there because Raquel had just gotten back from Vegas and was very upset and asked you to come out that night. It somehow just ended up being the four of us going to Saddle Ranch after and Raquel and Tom were super into deep conversation at the bar.”

Is this another jaw-dropping moment from this week’s episode of VPR that Andy Cohen alluded to on his show?! When the friends were leaving the establishment, Jamie realized the pair were still having some sort of serious chat – which she caught on video! The podcast host said:

“I’m now in my car with Brett and Raquel and Sandoval were sitting on the curb outside of Saddle Ranch just talking. I didn’t realize that at the time like how close they were talking or how intimate it actually looked. So I start filming the two of them talking. We’re so clueless that we have no idea what’s actually transpiring.”

Ok, we really want to know now what the pair were talking about that night! At the time, their interaction didn’t seem suspicious to anyone, so she never brought up the video to Ariana. A big mistake now! She explained:

“I had this thought [at the time]. I thought I’m not posting this because this looks way too intimate and I don’t want Ariana [Madix] to feel a certain way about this. I don’t want her to feel disrespected, but it didn’t set off alarm bells, like, is something inappropriate happening? It was just that she might get the wrong idea and I don’t want to put anyone in that position.”

Jamie then noted that she re-watched the clip after the news of Raquel and Sandoval’s affair broke, adding:

“If you watch it back — without the voiceover on it — it looks super close and super intimate. But bottom line is that none of us knew beforehand.”

Even though they weren’t shy about leaving clues about their romantic relationship over the past couple of months, they clearly had everyone fooled!

Everyone will have to keep their eyes locked on Raquel and Sandoval this week since there are apparently going to be some more major easter eggs about their affair dropped! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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