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Does Tori Spelling 'Get Along' With Ex Dean McDermott’s New GF?! His Surprising Answer…

Is there bad blood between Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s new girlfriend?

Perezcious readers know the 57-year-old Chopped Canada host has been dating a woman named Lily Calo for the past few months. And lately things between them seem to be getting tres serious! They were first spotted together in October of last year — just months after announcing his breakup with the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum. Then, flash forward to January, Dean appears to have moved in with Lily at her home in Los Angeles.

Naturally, we have to wonder how Tori has been handling her ex-husband moving on — especially when the former couple hasn’t even filed for divorce yet! What does she think about Lily? Have they met yet? We most likely won’t get the answers from Tori herself, as she has chosen — as with most matters — to keep this whole split private. But Dean has been happy to spill the tea for everyone, including whether Lily and Tori get along. And the answer is surprising!

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Speaking to Page Six, he said they “get along fabulously.” Nice! Dean continued:

“If I do the right things and I live an estimable and respectable life, you know, I get these wonderful gifts in my life. I’m blessed, you know, having everybody get along and come together for the greater good of the kids, I just, I’m so blessed. It’s a beautiful thing.”

The proof there are no issues between Tori and Lily? Look at the friendly hug and kiss on the cheek they gave each other during a birthday party for now 7-year-old Beau McDermott at Dave & Buster’s in Los Angeles. Tori and Lily were even caught smiling and laughing as they battled in a motorcycle racing game. See the pics from the evening (below):

We love to see this! And it’s not just Tori getting along with Lily! Dean shared his new gal has met the exes’ five children, and that’s working out, too. When it comes to the relationship with Lily, the actor revealed that “things are going really well” overall. She especially has been a “great support” in his sobriety journey. Even Tori has been very helpful! Calling her his “biggest fan,” he said:

“You know, she she just wants me to be happy. Bottom line. And she’s such an incredible woman that way. She’s one of the most generous people I’ve ever met in my life. Most caring, empathetic. And she just wants the best for everybody … And sometimes at the expense of her happiness … But that’s the kind of person she is.”

It sounds like everyone is on good terms right now! It’s a far cry from how Tori and Dean were last year! Last year, the television personality revealed he struggled with addiction to the point where he would spend every night alone, taking pills and drinking tequila. Dean would even have drunken rages that terrified their kids. Apparently when the dad “raged against her and the children” one night, that was the last straw. She had enough. And that fight led to him announcing their separation. Months later, though, Tori and Dean appear to be in a much better place! And even Lily is aboard! Amazing!

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[Image via Tamron Hall Show/YouTube, WENN]

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