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Friend Of ANOTHER Travis Kelce Ex Thinks Taylor Swift Relationship Is Fake!

Friend Of ANOTHER Travis Kelce Ex Says Taylor Swift Relationship Is Fake!

A friend of one of Travis Kelce‘s exes is calling BS on his new romance with Taylor Swift!

We’ve already heard about ONE former gf the Kansas City Chiefs tight end worrying about his intentions with his new lady. Maya Benberry, who won the reality TV show Chasing Kelce back in 2016, has been alluding for YEARS that the football star cheated on her. She even went as far to send out a warning to Taylor of his alleged cheating! See, she claims her relationship with him “overlapped” for a few months with his following girlfriend, sports reporter Kayla Nicole. But that may not be the only issue… Because now a friend of Kayla’s is speaking out, too!

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Tay Tay may not have to worry about cheating at all — because Kayla’s good friend Kamie Crawford told on Friday she thinks their relationship is totally staged anyway! Kamie co-hosts MTV‘s Catfish with Nev Schulman, so if anyone may have an idea about the Anti Hero hitmaker and her new beau possibly catfishing the public, it’s her! LOLz!

Nev started it all by pointing out:

“Prior to Taylor, [Travis] only dated Black women … I think it’s interesting and good for him for being interested in any woman who’s beautiful and attractive, but it is an undeniable, interesting sort of turn of events that all of his previous relationships had been with very different-looking women and now all of a sudden he’s with Taylor Swift.”

The 30-year-old agreed with her co-host’s point, saying it was a “big topic” online that Travis had seemingly changed up his type out of nowhere. Nev did acknowledge the fact that she IS freakin’ Taylor Swift, so many guys would “probably” date outside of their usual type if they had a chance with her. Maybe so…

But Kamie delved deeper — and started thinking like a PR genius:

“I think you have to look at people’s dating history, people’s patterns on both sides. People that they’ve dated in the past that maybe the press wasn’t so good and now the press is looking really, really great. I mean, it is great for both of them.”

The press is great, that’s for sure! They’re everywhere you look, and everything seems almost a little too perfect… In another interview with Page Six she went even more in-depth, explaining how Travis was the perfect chaser for bad boy Matty Healy!

She says Taylor went from Joe Alwyn to a fling with The 1975 singer, who quickly fell out of favor with the public for “some very problematic comments.” She thinks Taylor could be trying to make everyone forget!

“She was in a longterm relationship. Then she was in a relationship with someone that wasn’t good. And I think people are skipping over that. I think people are thinking that, like, Healy was the rebound guy.”

Hmm… So what’s her verdict? She told DailyMail:

“So are we being Catfished? I can’t say. I don’t know. Not my monkeys. Not my circus.”

Meanwhile, Nev brought up a great point:

“My question is, if presumably, Taylor Swift could date any guy that she wanted in the NFL who’s available? Is Travis the guy? The short answer is absolutely yes. I think we’re getting… something’s going on.”

His Catfish co-host is equally sus:

“Anytime it’s too good to be true… We’re not in a rom-com. This is real life. I don’t know, it’s just giving… It’s giving the star athlete and the star pop star. It’s just a lot going on.”

Hmm… two very interesting perspectives with some GREAT points. What do U make of all this, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via MTV/The Tonight Show/YouTube]

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