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Jenelle Evans Ready To Reveal 'Smoking Gun' In Custody Battle Against David Eason!

Jenelle Evans Has A ‘Smoking Gun’ Against Ex David Eason Amid Custody Battle Over Daughter Ensley!  

Jenelle Evans is supremely confident in her fight with estranged husband David Eason!

The former reality star filed for legal separation from her scary hubby in February. With her filing, the 32-year-old demanded full custody of their 7-year-old daughter Ensley — and not even any visitation for David without a mental health evaluation first. Now, the former couple are gearing up to battle it out in court over the matter — and Jenelle may have a trick up her sleeve to win custody!

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According to The US Sun on Wednesday, the court made the custody of their daughter the main priority in their divorce battle for now. And everyone wants the issue settled fast! A source close to the case even told the outlet the hearing should happen soon, explaining:

“In North Carolina, whenever someone is served with a civil case, we have 30 days to respond. I believe those 30 days just about ran [out]. So the time to answer or respond has expired. The courts will then start putting her on the calendar, and so typically, one of the first things that they’ll do, and based on what she has filed, is she will work to set up temporary child custody. So that’ll probably be the first step.”

As you will recall, Jenelle filed for a domestic violence restraining order against David for herself and her three children. But beyond the protective order? The insider claimed the television personality hasn’t filed anything else against the 35-year-old in the case:

“The only other thing that has been filed was the petition for a protective order. Nothing else had been filed in the divorce case. That’s pretty typical for these kinds of situations. One side will file it, and then it’s kind of a waiting game right until the time the other side responds.”

Is Jenelle waiting for the right moment to strike? Because it sounds like she has evidence that could help her in the case… Another source close to the Teen Mom alum said she has a “smoking gun” against David! And she plans to use it in court! Whoa!

It’s unknown what evidence she considers so solid. However, we all know his disturbing history. Does she have proof of any of the horrid claims against him? Between the child abuse allegations, domestic abuse accusations, and claims he murdered not one but two dogs in the past, that should be more than enough to sway the court to team Jenelle if she can prove any of that. We wouldn’t be shocked if there was video or photo evidence of something. But what?

No further details were given at this time, unfortunately. The insider did note an alleged incident between the pair outside their hometown in North Carolina — unknown to the public previously — that led Jenelle to file for a restraining order case outside of the county she lives in. Hmm. Last week’s court hearing was her second try in the legal fight regarding the restraining order, but the judge granted David a continuance to give him more time to get an attorney. Ugh.

The couple will head to court again later this month, with a source telling the outlet it’ll be their “final” hearing over the custody case. So will Jenelle pull out the supposed “smoking gun” then? We’ll see! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via MTV/YouTube, Jenelle Evans/Facebook]

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