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Travis Kelce Sorta Gave Taylor Swift That Sweet Diamond Friendship Bracelet -- Here's The Full Story!

Travis Kelce Sorta Gave Taylor Swift That Sweet Diamond Friendship Bracelet -- Here's The Full Story!

Did anyone else notice the bling Taylor Swift sported on her wrist at the Kansas City Chiefs game over the weekend?? Well, we’ve got the backstory on it — and yes, Travis Kelce is involved! Duh!!

We’ve been talking a lot about the sweet moments the 34-year-olds shared after the Chiefs claimed their victory against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday… You know, like, Taylor running onto the field to smothering Travis in hugs and kisses and then seemingly telling him “I love you.” But beyond heart eyes, the Love Story singer sported another accessory that caught our attention! A beautiful WOVE bracelet that honors her romance with the footballer!

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On Monday, Entertainment Weekly spoke to one of the faces behind the collection for the jewelry brand, pro golfer Michelle Wie West, who says she took inspo from Taylor when designing the piece:

“She’s a big inspiration for the piece itself … I just wanted to create a more elevated piece.”

The bracelet is 14 carat fold and features four lab-grown diamonds, and starts at $5,600. But Taylor’s had a custom element to it as a nod to her relationship: the letters “TNT.” West explained:

“TNT, dynamite. Their relationship is dynamite. It’s just so cute … I hope that [Swift] thinks it’s nice, and sparkly, and pretty, and [that] TNT [is] sentimental and cute and funny.”


As for how she got the bracelet to Tay… Well, that’s where Trav came in. Apparently he’d golfed with West in the past, so the designer reached out to him:

“When we created this elevated friendship bracelet, I told him the first person I thought of was Taylor Swift, because she’s the queen of friendship bracelets. He’s so gracious enough to support the collection, and be the middleman and hand one over to Taylor. I’m just so, so thankful for that. Especially emerging businesses, emerging lines … having the product in the right hands can change a person’s life. We’re just so thankful that he made the connection, and it got featured.”

We’re sure the tight end was all for it… His relationship with the Blank Space singer all sorta started with a bracelet!

She added:

“If we could gift any one person our bracelet, it’d be the queen of friendship bracelets herself. So just very honored that he would actually give it to her and she would wear it.”

As for when she saw Taylor wearing the bracelet during the Sunday game, West gushed:

“We were watching the game last night and all of a sudden I get this story notifications from WOVE and it’s a picture of Taylor wearing my bracelet. I’m still shooketh. I’m in shock that she would wear it and think it’s pretty. It’s just the biggest compliment ever. We worked really hard on the bracelet and it’s moments like these, being recognized by people — especially the queen of friendship bracelets — it’s just a dream come true.”

Dream moment!

WOVE CEO Simone Kendle added:

“It was just so happy to see and exciting to see that she’s actually wearing it on such an amazing, big moment for them … We love friendship bracelets. We love what they mean for Swifties and the Taylor community.  It really is exemplifying why we built that bracelet. It represents something that’s so special to her in her life in this moment. That’s what every single bracelet, every single piece from us, does… They’re just the best people to showcase how custom and just feeling-forward our jewelry pieces are.”

Well, that’s cute!

Thoughts?? Would YOU ever get a WOVE friendship bracelet? Share in the comments down below!

[Images via NBC/ & ESPN/YouTube]

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