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Travis Kelce Jokes About His 'Dad Bod' After Taylor Swift Beach Pics!

Travis Kelce Jokes Dad Bod Taylor Swift Beach PDA Pics

Travis Kelce is one of the most accomplished athletes in the world. So yeah, he doesn’t really take criticism of his body too seriously!

After hot pics of PDA with Taylor Swift on the beach in the Bahamas came out, most fans saw an incredibly attractive couple who are clearly all over one another. But some folks out there on this here internet, well… They looked at the swimsuit-clad couple and saw a “dad bod.”

Yes, critics said Trav had everything from the “beginning of beer belly” to a full-on gut. We’re not sure we see it…

This happened to his teammate Patrick Mahomes, too! It kind of seems like people who are terminally online miiiiiiight have had their perspective skewed by all those perfect Instagram model pics. Now they see any guy without an 8-pack and call it a “dad bod.” Y’all! Snap back to reality! This is a big, strong hunk here!

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Anyway, even Trav admits he’s not in his best shape at the moment. On the latest episode of his New Heights podcast, special guest Saquon Barkley opens a can of worms by asking about which brother would win in a drinking contest, Travis or Jason Kelce.

Always ultra-competitive, Trav can’t let it go when Jason says he “can definitely drink more volume.” He immediately gets into the fact his big bro has been dropping weight since retiring from the NFL, saying:

“You’re already down to 260! We’re in the same weight class now!”

When Jason corrects him, saying he’s 283, Trav jokes:

“283? Still, it’s March, we’re in the same weight class right now!”

Ha! Apparently he’s totally fine acknowledging he lets himself go a bit on the few weeks he has between the Super Bowl and all that preseason training. We like that he’s so chill about it! And in our experience both relaxing about the diet AND having a good sense of humor about yourself only makes you more attractive.

Anyway, listen to the whole exchange (below):

[Image via MEGA/WENN/New Heights/YouTube.]

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