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Travis Kelce Caught On Video Dropping L-Bomb On Taylor Swift At New Year's Eve Bash?! LOOK!

Did Travis Kelce Get Caught On Video Dropping An L-Bomb On Taylor Swift At New Year's Eve Bash?!

Did Travis Kelce say THOSE three little words to Taylor Swift while they were out celebrating the New Year?!

An Instagram video recorded during a New Year’s Eve midnight celebration at a hotspot in Kansas City, Missouri is going mega-viral on Tuesday. In the clip, Taylor and Travis can be seen partying, hanging out, enjoying life. Then, when the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight, they smooch on the dance floor! So SWEET!!

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Amazingly, an IG user caught video of the famous couple’s kiss. In the 13-second clip, the whole world can see the Kansas City Chiefs superstar leaning in to plant a romantic lip lock on the Teardrops On My Guitar crooner! Ch-ch-check it out for yourself (below):


Now, while the original video uploader has since gone private on their account, Swifties all over social media have re-uploaded the vid, so it’s really making the rounds.

Amazingly, Swifties are also swearing that they can see Travis dropping an “I love you” to Taylor in the clip! Yes, for real!!!

You have to look closely (above), as it happens within the first few seconds. And to be honest, it’s really hard to make out what they’re saying in between kisses. The room is pretty dimly lit, and the camera is panning around in circles. Not ideal conditions for lip reading! In fact, TMZ even asked a few professional lip readers about it — as in, experts who have testified in court cases about reading lips from far away — and they all say the video is too blurry to confirm the “I love you”. Still, it hasn’t stopped Taylor’s loyal fans from absolutely losing their s**t!! Here are just a few of the comments:

“I watched this video too many times”

“They are incredible adorable and in love”

“I could watch these a million times”

“I can’t stop watching, just for the beauty/romance/simplicity of it!”

“I think they both said happy new year and love you babe then another kiss”

Of course, it’s not crazy that they’d be dropping L-bombs like this. They have been dating for at least six months. And things are clearly very serious with their parents meeting and Taylor showing up at Travis’ games in KC — including hours before this video was taken, when the Chiefs hosted the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium.

But still, it’s cute AF to see them lock lips and have an intimate moment!! Don’t U think?? Share your takes on what they might have said to each other in the comments (below), y’all!

[Image via WENN]

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