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OMG You Have To See Travis Kelce's 2010 Super Bowl Tweet!

Travis Kelce Super Bowl Tweet 2010

Remember a few months ago when Swifties did a deep dive into Travis Kelce‘s old tweets — and they were so surprisingly silly and wholesome? If not spelled very well

Well, one of those popped out at us on Sunday while watching the Super Bowl. Specifically while watching the Big Game commercials!

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Way back in 2010, when he was still in college, Trav tweeted:

“hahhahahaha SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS are the best!!! im lovin it! im about to slap the s**t outta peoples heads now!”


We don’t know which specific ads made him want to slap heads, but 2010’s standout commercial to us was the Betty White ad where she plays smashmouth football with the boys! Maybe that was it?

In any case, we’re def still rooting for wholesome Travis and not, you know, another version of the guy…

[Image via KMBC/Snickers/YouTube.]

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