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Travis Kelce Spotted Singing Alone In His Car On Thanksgiving Without Taylor Swift! WATCH!

Travis Kelce Singing Alone Thanksgiving No Taylor Swift

Well, he may be totally alone, but the man still has a song in his heart!

As he said on his New Heights podcast this week, Travis Kelce did indeed spend Thanksgiving all alone. He had apparently planned to spend it with girlfriend Taylor Swift, but her concert delays — and a terrible “traumatic” event, of course — forced her hand. She spent the holiday in Brazil.

Trav’s big bro Jason Kelce tried to encourage him to come to Philadelphia for the day, as their parents were coming to spend the holiday with him and his wife and daughters. But Trav bemusedly lamented he would “be feasting on KFC because I won’t have anybody here.” And true to his word, he stayed in Kansas City, all alone.

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In a video obtained by TMZ on Thursday, the KC Chiefs tight end was spotted on his lonesome in Missouri. Apparently someone noticed his black Rolls Royce and took a video of him driving alone near his new mansion. But he doesn’t look lonely in the video — in fact, he’s apparently singing along with the music in his car! Watch!


What do you think he was listening to? Something upbeat to get his mind of his gal being thousands of miles away? Maybe Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off? Oh, wait…

We gotta say it. A man who can spend time comfortably alone, without being weird or sad? That’s a green flag in our book. After all, he may be alone this day, but he has a lot of things — and people — in his life to be thankful for! And he seems to know it.

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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