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Try Guys Affair Scandal: Resurfaced Ned Fulmer Clip Did NOT Age Well As Former Colleagues Speak Out!

Try Guys' Ned Fulmer Admits To Getting 'A Little Too Close' With A Woman While Dancing In Resurfaced Clip?!

The crazy saga blowing up around Try Guys star Ned Fulmer has taken over the internet this week.

If you haven’t been paying attention, social media exploded on Tuesday after reports came out alleging Ned was cheating on his wifeAriel Fulmer, with an engaged co-worker.

Shockingly, in the hours after those accusations first came to the forefront, the Try Guys announced they’d completely cut ties with Ned. Hours later, Fulmer and his wife both released statements about the tense situation. He copped to having a consensual workplace affair. And now, fans of the YouTube group are looking back at old content to figure out where it all went so wrong.

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One TikTok video posted by a user named Hayley Miller took aim at a 2017 clip of Ned and former Buzzfeed personality Kelsey Darragh discussing some, umm, extracurricular activities following a comedy show way back when. In the clip, Ned can be seen saying this about an experience he had bumping right up against the line of infidelity:

“I remember one time after a comedy show in Chicago, I was out with my friends, Ariel was asleep. We were all dancing in a group, and I was, like, dancing with this one girl. Two people get a little closer, and, like, I told [Ariel] about it afterwards. I was like, ‘things got a little too close on the dance floor.’ Not cool, but she appreciated that we were talking about it.”


You can see that shocking five-year-old clip that just resurfaced on TikTok on Tuesday (below):


Ned really used to be my favorite. Now….#tryguys #tryguysned #ned #nedfulmer #thetryguys #nedandariel #fyp

♬ original sound – TheHayleyMiller

Damn! That’s crazy! And in hindsight, it’s SUPER sketchy!!!

The commenters went in on Fulmer over the old clip, too:

“HE HAS BEEN A RED FLAG TO ME SINCE THIS thank you for finding it I’ve been mentioning it in comments all day. The urge was always there”

“Guys who don’t cheat don’t feel the need to say stuff like this”

“I’m just surprised people are surprised”

“I didn’t even follow them like that but this is upsetting he seemed to be a family man very unexpected”

“This didn’t age well.”

“Something like that doesn’t happen if you don’t want it to. If he didn’t want to cheat he wouldn’t have crossed that boundary.”

“Makes me not believe in love”

“I remember being like… huh, that doesn’t sound like this persona he portrays to us all the time”

“People should look into current and ex BuzzFeed employee tweets. None of them are surprised.”

Here’s the thing about that last comment… people are already doing that!!

TikTok users pondered how his former BuzzFeed colleagues must be handling the news. One TikToker who goes by @melaniejja shared a series of looks at very cryptic tweets from old employees of the viral site. She also asked them to come forward with more info about whatever was going on behind the scenes with Fulmer and the Try Guys:


#greenscreen i need all the gossip ASAP #tryguys #nedfulmer #buzzfeed #adamlevine #thetryguys

♬ original sound – melaniejja


This whole thing is WILD. And it doesn’t look like the drama is going to die down any time soon, does it?

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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[Image via Ned Fulmer/YouTube]

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