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'The Try Guys Try Cheating'?? Internet Reacts After Rumors EXPLODE That Ned Fulmer Allegedly Cheated On His Wife!

The Try Guys Try Cheating?? Internet Reacts After Rumors EXPLODE That Ned Fulmer Allegedly Cheated On His Wife!

Is Mercury in retrograde to blame for all these cheating scandals? Or are men just this s**tty?! LOLz.

From soccer players to models, musicians to coaches, we’ve seen an insane amount of couples face dreaded affair rumors this month — and the controversies are far from over! Now, speculation has hit the internet with fans accusing The Try Guys star Ned Fulmer of allegedly cheating on his wife, Ariel Fulmer (pictured together in the inset above)! And it could be causing a massive rift between the media personalities! Strap in, we’ve got a LOT to break down!

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Rumors of a possible rift between the YouTube group have been swirling for a few weeks now over on Reddit. Twitter user @camitwomeyy even summed up all the drama for those just tuning in. According to the rumor mill, fans have grown particularly distraught after noticing Ned did not appear in the channel’s three most recent videos and three podcast episodes. He wasn’t even in the intro which normally includes all four members, including Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Keith Habersberger — meaning the team purposefully redid the intro to exclude him!

Looking even closer, some eagle-eyed viewers believe Ned may have been cut out of two of the latest eps titled, Try Guys Ruin Chocolate Eclairs and Try Guys Try Stand-Up Comedy. Some users posted pics they think prove this theory, but TBH, it’s hard to tell if he was cut or not. Check it out:

What’s even more telling is that a week ago, the team announced they’d be switching to one video a week through the end of October to create content for the holidays. Hmm. Taking a step back from work? Perhaps to focus on the drama and how they’ll move forward??

Here’s where the cheating scandal starts to come into the picture. Just over a week ago, Keith dropped an episode titled, Keith Eats Everything at a Vegas Buffet. Ned wasn’t in the video — but he was photographed there in Vegas with his co-star! Fans noticed an Instagram photo featuring Ned, Keith, and Alex Herring, who is an associate producer on the show and one of the Food Babies. Knowing he was there led some to believe a section of the episode was left out. Hmm.

The scandal escalated when a Reddit user with the name Hamilton390 alleged they caught Ned cheating with a mystery woman. Allegedly, someone sent them a blurry video of Ned and a woman in a red dress “making out” in a NYC bar. Ch-ch-check it out!

Hamilton390’s screenshots show how the person they were DMing had allegedly talked to Ned’s wife Ariel about it for an hour. It’s unclear what the conversation was like or how they got in touch with Ariel. Either way, if the rumors are true, it sucks for her! Not only does Ned’s entire brand revolves around his love for his wife, but they also share two young kids, Wesley and Finely. Talk about messy!

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It remains unclear who the woman in the bar was, but most fans are setting their sights on Alex. Yes, the producer he was seen with in Vegas! Why? Well, her fiancé Will Thayer unfollowed her on social media and removed all photos with her on Instagram. He’s since switched his account to private, too. So, they’re def going through something!

Also, her bestie (who is also one of the Food Babies and the senior editor for The Try Guys), YB Chang, unfollowed her and Ned! Oooh! Something SHADY seems to be going on! But for now, this is ALL speculation. Nobody related to the alleged issue has made a statement on the matter either.

Still, the Reddit rumors haven’t stopped the internet from reacting! And we have to admit, after so many cheating scandals, the world wide web still has some hilarious new takes on the ordeal! Take a look:

“the john mulaney divorce was for millennials and the ned try guys divorce will be for gen z”

“have I watched the try guys in the last five years? no. am I fully invested and personally very hurt by ned cheating on the beautiful lovely ariel, his wife and mother of his children? yes absolutely.”

Adam Levine John mulaney and now Ned fulmer from try guys Making the unholy trinity of saltines who make their brand about loving their wife and still cheat”

“my morning has been turned upside down by finding out that Ned from the try guys CHEATED ON HIS WIFE… i thought he was a true wife guy!!!!!!!”

“Okay the news about Ned from Try Guys might be what actually breaks me

‘The Try Guys Try Cheating’

As we mentioned, this is all speculation for now — but it certainly has people worked up. We’ll keep an eye out on their socials to see if anything changes! Reactions? If the rumors are true, do you think this could be the end of The Try Guys as we know them? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Ned Fulmer/The Try Guys/Instagram]

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