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TSA Agents Caught RED-HANDED On Video Stealing Travelers’ Money During Airport Security Screening!

TSA Agents Caught RED HANDED On Video Stealing Travelers’ Money During Airport Security Screening!

Travelers, beware! Three TSA agents at Miami International Airport were arrested after being caught red-handed stealing from passengers!

According to a police affidavit obtained by TMZ, Labarrius Williams and Josue Gonzalez were working at a security checkpoint at the airport in late June and early July. During those shifts, it turned out the agents worked together to take money from luggage that was placed in the bins and went through the conveyor belt. And it was all caught on video!

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In the surveillance footage, Williams and Gonzalez could be seen standing in front of the carousel when one of them reached into a traveler’s carry-on, took out the cash, and quickly stuffed it into their pockets before anyone saw. According to WPLG, police claimed the guys pocketed $600 in cash during that incident.

At one point, the TSA agent appeared to unzip someone’s bag and pull something out. He then continued to follow the luggage before it went into the x-ray machine. The man once again placed something into his pocket. Wow. And these guys had the nerve to do this in plain sight! Ch-check out a video of the incident (below):

The alleged thieves were arrested in July and charged with grand theft. A third suspect, TSA employee Elizabeth Fuster, was also arrested. Per WPLG, investigators accused the trio of conspiring together to distract passengers while someone stole their personal belongings. However, the case against Fuster was later dropped. We imagine it was hard to prove she was intentionally distracting customers if she was doing her regular duties?

Wild stuff, huh?! We’re definitely going to keep a closer eye on our cash the next time we go to the airport!

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[Image via WPLG Local 10/YouTube]

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Sep 15, 2023 13:30pm PDT

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