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University Of Idaho Murders: Former Tenant Casts Doubt On Roommates' Story With This Detail

A former tenant of the house where four University of Idaho students were slain is giving his take on the incident — and it may be casting some doubt on the surviving roommates’ side of the story.

As you know, Maddie MogenKaylee GoncalvesEthan Chapin, and Xana Kernodle were found dead in their off-campus home on November 13. The scene was so horrific blood covered the walls and even could be seen in photos leaking outside the house. While the Moscow Police Department continue their investigation, many questions are left unanswered. The entire case has people scratching their heads, and we’re all wondering the same thing — how is there still no suspect nearing the two-month mark of the investigation?

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The desperation to uncover something the cops missed has led reporters to dig into any source they can find for new perspectives. On Friday, ABC News found a former tenant of the house where the murders were committed. Cole Alteneder, a 22-year-old who graduated just this year, lived in the house on King Road when he was a junior — so through the spring of 2021.

He gave two major insights into the house. The first? It’s shocking for anyone who lived in the house to hear that a murderer came in and committed such violent acts — without waking everyone in the place:

“It’s definitely an old, creaky house. You can’t walk up any of the stairs or on any of the floors without everybody in the house knowing it.”


According to reports, two more unnamed roommates were at home when the attacks occurred, somehow not only escaping the situation completely unharmed but actually sleeping through the bloodbath. From what we’ve heard, by the time they woke up to discover the crimes, the killer was long gone. Police have told the public very little about the investigation, but one point they’ve been clear on is that the two other girls who lived there have been discounted as suspects. Maybe they’re much heavier sleepers than Alteneder?

The former tenant’s other contribution is to confirm the home, which he explains has a bedroom and a bathroom on each floor, was a party house long before the victims moved in. The house has been shown to be a popular place for kids to party — even when the people who live there aren’t around! This was true when he lived there, too:

“A lot of students are very familiar with the inside of the home.”

Cole said the neighborhood in general has a “very active party life” and it wasn’t unheard of for them to get wild.

Part of the popularity, upsettingly, comes from how easy it was to escape law enforcement, as he recalls “people would hop the fence and just, like, walk away if the cops came.” Makes sense for college kids drinking and getting rowdy. But in the new context, it’s a pretty chilling observation.

As a sometime member of the Moscow community, Alteneder added he was as shocked as anyone that law enforcement apparently haven’t made much progress in the case, saying:

“I think everybody expected [an arrest by now].”

Police have stated they’ve received over 12,000 tips and over 4,500 digital media submissions. It seems like with so much help, someone would have some bit of information that could lead to naming a suspect, at the very least…

For now, though, the cops continue their investigation and we all continue to wait for answers. Hopefully we’ll get some more concrete statements sooner rather than later. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via KREM 2 News/YouTube/Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram]

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