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Wendy Williams Says Blac Chyna 'Regularly' Texts For Help Claiming She Has 'No Place To Live' -- WTF?!

Wendy Williams just dropped a BOMB about Blac Chyna looking for a place to live?! WTF??

Wait, WHAT did you say?!

Wendy Williams just casually dropped a BOMB about Blac Chyna at the very end of her “Hot Topics” segment yesterday on The Wendy Williams Show, and we’re still reeling from hearing it!!!

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During Monday afternoon’s new episode, the 56-year-old invited on entertainment journalist Devyn Simone to dish dirt on a few celebrity real estate issues. For much of the segment they discussed rock star Phil Collinsongoing legal drama with his ex-wife, before turning their attention to (another) new lawsuit filed against Tyga.

In the suit, a landlord is alleging that the rapper — who is also Blac Chyna’s ex and baby daddy to son King Cairo — owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back rent and property damage clean-up on a property. The rapper disputes the claim, and even went on Instagram this week to try to argue his side of the suit, showing video of the apparent house and trying to prove he didn’t do any damage.

Anyways, it was at the very end of that discussion on Tyga’s legal troubles that Wendy shocked the entire room with a super-casual — and very weird — allegation about Blac Chyna. First confirming that Chyna is the one with whom Tyga shares King Cairo, the host claimed (below):

“He has a child with Black Chyna, right? I told you, Blac Chyna texts me regularly. ‘Can you help me find a condo? I have no place to live.’ Yep. Single mother of two, cannot find a place to live. And it was random. Like, maybe she sent a blast to everyone she knows because it didn’t say, like ‘Dear Wendy.'”

Wait, WTF?!

Like, does this mean Blac Chyna is homeless?? Or, like, doesn’t like where she’s staying and wants to find a way out?! And how often does Wendy even get these texts?? Is this, like, a regular thing?! So many questions!!!

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The New Jersey native wasn’t up for answering any of them right now, though. Ever the quick one, she succinctly wrapped up this juicy piece of gossip just as soon as she’d opened it, saying:

“I didn’t answer it. I don’t want to be involved.”

And from there, she went to commercial. WTF?! U gotta give us more than that, Wendy! That’s wild!!! You can watch the whole thing as it unfolds in the segment video (below); Wendy’s bombshell reveal begins at about the 7:40 mark of this clip:

WOW!!!! Now, it appears Wendy’s comments have already made their way back to Chyna!

Soon after the show wrapped for the day on Monday afternoon, Dream Kardashian‘s momma went on her Instagram Stories and appeared to flex a little bit by showing off her house and cars, as you can see (below):

Whoa! Soooo does this mean Wendy’s intel about Chyna is wrong? Or is there something else going on entirely?! What do U make of this crazy reveal, Perezcious readers?! Is Chyna really looking for a place to live?? And if true, are her texts really a “regular” occurrence?? Like, this happens often enough to “regularly” send that out to other celebs?!

So many questions! Such a weird thing to drop in at the very end of a segment! Need more answers!!! Sound OFF about everything Wendy and more, with your comments and opinions all down (below)!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Instar]

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