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Wendy Williams Spiraling?! Former Show DJ Says 'Yup' & Claims Her Staff Is Terrified To Speak Up About It

Wendy Williams' former DJ suggests she's spiraling and in need of serious intervention...

All does not appear to be well with popular talk show host Wendy Williams.

The 56-year-old TV veteran and longtime on-air personality stuttered and stammered through Friday filming, leading many fans online and viewers at home to question whether something is seriously wrong.

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The biggest issue popped up during her much-beloved “Hot Topics” segment, as the host attempted to discuss Adele‘s (then-upcoming) appearance on Saturday Night Live. Inexplicably referring to the singer as “Ho-dele,” the host sputtered as she lost her concentration multiple times. At one point, she opted to focus fully on unwrapping a hard candy before later becoming obsessed with the show’s “Shoe Cam” music.

Usually sharp and quick-witted, Wendy spoke very slowly and with unsteady, random pauses, even showing labored breathing. Her producer, Norman Baker, did his best to keep her on track with the topics, but it was extremely clear something was not right on set.

You can see the whole “Hot Topics” segment (below); Wendy’s concerning speech patterns and inability to concentrate begin pretty much from the very start of the video:

Um… WOW. We don’t even know what to say. And it’s not just idle gossip, either. Insiders with intimate knowledge of the show are sounding the alarm that things aren’t all right

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On Sunday, the show’s former disc jockey, DJ Boof, responded to a fan on Instagram who had been asking about Williams’ well-being, including whether drugs are at play. The user wrote:

“Wendy you need to stop your show and seriously get help, your camp is just watching you spiral instead of sending help shame on them. I’ll be boycotting the show until you get checked in to REHAB. Drugs will kill you please get help.”

After another follower suggested that could be the main reason for the one-time Wendy Williams Show DJ leaving the daytime TV series last season, Boof cryptically shared his thoughts based on previously working with Wendy:

“yup exactly and it will all come out. Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t want to lose their jobs. this is going to play out bad. I feel sorry for the workers and victims. Have a blessed day”

Wow. Talk about a concerning response. Scary!!

Commenters on social media have been quick to pick up on the host’s disconcerting behavior on air, too. From YouTube critics to responses to DJ Boof’s comments on IG, it seems as though Wendy’s viewers are just as concerned about her health based on what they can see on air:

“Staff needs a HUGE raise for putting up with her mess. She is heavily under the influence of ‘something.’ If that chair didn’t have armrests, she would literally be lying on the floor!!! What a MESS!! Wendy, go back to the office, lay down (again), and sleep it off…”

“‘So, um, I was laying in my office…’ All you need to know. Please get better Wendy. This is not good.”

“I watched A couple of weeks ago she was reading the cue cards wrong, it was just something going on with her forgetting certain lines, it was a mess and I hope she gets help”

“Ive noticed weeks ago that she be high as hell off something”

“Yes she’s always high on something you can tell!!! Now!!! Wendy you need help”

“Norman is being so sweet and patient with her and trying to hold it together but gosh, this was really sad to watch. Get some help Wendy.”

“Okay this woman is not okay. She looks unwell what is going on here? This isn’t acceptable behavior for a talk show host.”

“I get that people don’t wanna loose their jobs but someone needs to step up and stop being a yes man and get Wendy some help! Cancel or pause the show, surely her health should be a priority.”

Yeah… Definitely not good.

As you’ll recall, this is far from the first time Williams has made headlines for her health. Back in May, she took a hiatus from the show in order to get back on track after previously revealing to the world that she’d been suffering from Graves’ disease. She’d previously taken another extended break from the show in 2018 to battle the illness and get her health back on track.

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Her problems have extended beyond that, too. The New Jersey native has admitted to battling a long-standing cocaine addiction, and last March, revealed she’d been receiving treatment at a sober living home.  For a while there, things looked good and she remained notably optimistic about her recovery. Now, we’re left to wonder what is going on, as Friday’s behavior was concerning — to say the least.

Here’s hoping the much-beloved talk show host gets the help and support she needs, whatever it may be.

Sending love and light during this uncertain situation!

[Image via WENN/Instagram]

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