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‘Who TF Did I Marry' TikTok Series Has The Internet In A Chokehold!

‘Who TF Did I Marry' TikTok Series Has The Internet In A Chokehold!

You know how when you marry someone, you’re supposed to take them for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health? Well what about if you find out they’re a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR?!

TikTok users are going NUTS over the app’s latest sensation: a 50-part story about how a woman, who goes by Reesa Teesa on the app, found out her (now ex) husband completely lied about everything in their relationship! Like, apparently literally EVERYTHING! It’s pretty wild, and we’re going to do our best to fill you in, but like we said, the video series has 50 (!!!) installments, with many of them reaching 10 minutes in length. So that’s, like, over seven hours of viewing. We definitely recommend viewing for yourselves at some point! Binge day!! But before you get there, here’s the basic gist of how things went down…

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Reesa (@ReesaMTeesa), started catching attention last week when she posted a lengthy TikTok video calling out her ex-husband, who goes by the name of Legion, for being a “pathological liar.” She explained in her initial video that she met the man online in early March of 2020, juuuuuust before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down. Funny enough, she said her tire blew out on her way to their first date, which in retrospect she feels was a bad sign. But anyways, he met her, fixed her tire, and then paid for a new one — something she was wowed by.

By the COVID shutdown, they decided to quarantine together. During that time, she fell deeply in love with him. He was a total family man, talking to his siblings and friends EVERY DAY. How could that not be a draw?? The two began talking about a life together — you know, getting married, buying a house, and having kids — and from what he told her, he seemed fully able to bankroll it all. She said he claimed to be the VP at a well-known condiment company and had money stashed away in an offshore account! Hmmm… Seems like a red flag right there, but she clearly felt secure by the financial freedom of it all! And as she said, he paid for everything!


Who TF Did I Marry- Part One #pathologicalliar #reesateesa #fypシ #fyp

♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa

The pair got married in January of 2021, and began looking for a roomier home shortly after. Like we said, they had dreams of starting a family together. In fact, Reesa actually did get pregnant at one point, but sadly went on to miscarry — which she’s now happy about. She said they found a home they agreed was a great option, but things fell through. And then that happened again and again because strange issues would pop up, and Legion wouldn’t be able to come through with the down payment. And oddly enough, he couldn’t ever show her actual proof of funds…

So, like, what’s going on?? Well, one day Reesa did a background check, and what she found out would make any spouse’s stomach drop! Apparently, Legion was using a false social security number!! When she got a hold of his real one, she found out that he was NOT the man he’d sold himself as. She claimed that in reality, he was a felon who actually worked as a forklift operator in a warehouse, and he did NOT have all the money he said he did.

Reesa went on to contact the man’s ex-wife. He had previously told Reese that he’d had a daughter with that woman, and the girl had passed away. But guess what? That was a lie! His daughter is alive and well!!! And that became just another point in the intricate web of lies he’d spun. Much like his family dynamic! You see, Reesa said he was on the phone with his brother EVERY DAY, when in reality, all of his siblings and friends had actually cut ties with him YEARS before! Whoa!! So how does she explain all those phone calls? Reesa believes he was just talking to himself!


She found out that Legion has a twin brother who is a VP of a company, and pretty much led the life her husband claimed to live. Seriously, WTF??

In June of 2021, she kicked him out and filed for divorce. Legion continued to contact her and at one point even ended up in jail! By August, the divorce was finalized, and by December, Reesa moved out of the home they shared and told him that if he ever contacted her again, she’d get a restraining order. And that was the last time they spoke!!

Seriously, you NEED to watch some of the videos for yourself! There’s just waaaaay too many juicy details you can’t miss!


Just a small snippet of the things my ex husband lied about. #pathologicalliar #divorcetok #covid #reesateesa

♬ original sound – ReesaTeesa

In the wake of her video series, one TikTok user managed to uncover the true identity of Legion (which Reesa very purposely chose not to reveal), and exposed his identity on the app. His real name is Jerome, and he actually responded to all of Reesa’s claims! His allegations were that everything she said was made up!

Holy s**t, right?!?! In one of her videos, Reesa joked that she’d happily accept any calls from Lifetime presumably to make a movie about all the madness… And on X (Twitter), users are salivating for more content:

Unbelievable!! Do yourself a favor and tune into the TikTok series HERE.

What are your reactions to all this, Perezcious readers?? This whole story is absolutely crazy. We could totally see it becoming some type of movie or streaming series or something one day. It’s definitely got the internet on the edge of their seats, and that is always a good sign when it comes to attracting eyeballs as far as producers are concerned, right?!

Overall, we guess the lesson to be learned here is always make sure you really know who you’re getting involved with — marriage and otherwise! Because OOF!! This is definitely a worst-case scenario, but an absolutely wild one at that! Thoughts?? Share your opinions about everything here in the comments (below)!

[Images via Reesa Teesa/TikTok]

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