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Emma Roberts & Garrett Hedlund Having A Baby Led Directly To Their Breakup?!

Why Emma Roberts Garrett Hedlund Broke Up After Baby

We were shocked to head Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund broke up so soon after welcoming a child together. But according to an insider, it may have been the challenge of parenting that contributed to the split in the first place!


As you probably know, the couple welcomed their son Rhodes in December 2020, one of the early wave of celebrity quarantine babies. Everything seemed like it was going well, with both stars quickly taking to parenting. In fact, a source said at the time the relationship was actually in a better place than it had been once they shared their bundle of joy. Before that, the insider spilled, they had gone through a “rough patch” around Garrett’s DUI bust and subsequent treatment.

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Well, the peace didn’t last as the couple split for good at some point in late 2021 — before Rhodes even had his first birthday.

Recently Emma showed off the “beautiful reset” she was enjoying on her girls trip vacay to Costa Rica last month. A source close to Emma tells E! News this week that she’s a “in a good place” overall. Presumably they mean headspace, not the South American paradise! LOLz! The insider said of her newly single status:

“She took a girls’ trip to Costa Rica and had a great time. She is moving on from her split with Garrett and is in a good place.”

But the real inside dirt came when explaining how she felt about the breakup itself:

“She is relieved in some ways, but also sad that it came to this.”

So what happened? The source says:

“It became abundantly clear with the baby that their priorities are different.”

Whoa! We know this is both of their first child, and we’d already heard that having a baby in a pandemic turned out to be tougher for both of them than they expected. But we also heard they were working through it. Apparently not?

When the source says they had different priorities, it’s not hard to read between the lines and see this is a dig at Garrett and his parenting acumen — especially given what the insider adds next:

“She’s focused on being a great mom and living a healthy lifestyle.”

See? If she’s focused on motherhood and “a healthy lifestyle” the clear implication is that he is not. And considering his legal troubles, it’s not a leap to guess what the source is implying here.

Man, this is such a shame. With a child involved, you really hope both parents will rise to the occasion — and continue to get along at least as co-parents. And it doesn’t sound like that’s the case here.

What do YOU think of their breakup now??

[Image via Emma Roberts/Instagram/The Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube.]

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