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Russian Woman Arrested After Stabbing Roommate During Quarantine Argument Over Alcohol!

Russian woman stabs NYC roommate during quarantine argument

One New York City woman found herself in a very unsafe environment amid the coronavirus lockdown when her roommate allegedly stabbed her multiple times during a fight over alcohol.

According to reports, Daria Alybayeva (not pictured but hayy Villanelle) has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly stabbing her roommate, Tatiana Nazarinov, over the weekend while the two were self-isolating together in their Upper East Side apartment.

Nazarinov, 31, told the New York Daily News she had warned her 27-year-old roommate, who had a long history of excessive drinking, to limit her alcohol intake amid the ongoing COVID-19 quarantine.

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She said to the outlet:

“I told her, ‘You can’t drink in the house, you can’t go to the liquor store. It’s a rule.’ “

But Alyabyeva’s drinking would continue, according to Nazarinov. She explained:

“She would start drinking in the morning. She would go to the kitchen and grab a coffee cup and pretend she was drinking coffee or tea.”

Unfortunately, the heavy boozing eventually came with alleged threats. Nazarinova claimed Alyabyeva threatened to kill her when she was drunk in March, recalling:

“I had to hide all the knives in the kitchen.” 

Despite the increasingly alarming behavior, Nazarinova said she tried to offer her roommate support. She claimed she tried to reason with Alyabyeva on April 19, but her effort was to no avail. She remembered:

“She was like ‘No, f**k it. I just want some whiskey.’”

When Nazarinova put a glass of Alyabyeva’s whiskey in the sink, things apparently took a violent turn. Nazarinova said:

“She had super crazy eyes, I can’t even explain it… I was like, ‘What’s your problem?’”

That’s when Alyabyeva allegedly stabbed Nazarinova with “a huge meat knife.” She recalled:

“My hip was fountaining blood. I was stained in my blood and she was stained in my blood… I literally realized I’m probably gonna die because I was losing so much blood. I saw something coming out of my abdomen, I guess it was my intestine.”


Nazarinova said she was able to find her phone and call 911. Alyabyeva reportedly fled before cops arrived, but was eventually arrested on Tuesday — nine days after the stabbing. Authorities told TMZ that Alyabyeva allegedly stabbed Nazarinov in the abdomen, hip, shoulder, face, armpit and hands while allegedly yelling, “die bitch, die.”

Nazarinova was treated at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, where she reportedly required a blood transfusion and two surgeries. She was expected to be released on Monday. She added to NY Daily News:

“It was mostly muscles and nerves. Hopefully in a few weeks or a few months I’ll be back to normal.”

Meanwhile, Alyabyeva has been charged with attempted murder and assault and is currently being held on Rikers Island on $750,000 bond.

[Image via BBC]

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