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Love Is Blind's Zanab Jaffrey Reveals The 'Forever Love' She Found In Pods After Cole Barnett Split!

Love Is Blind's Zanab Jaffrey Reveals The 'Forever Love' She Found In Pods After Cole Barnett Split!

Turns out Zanab Jaffrey DID find true love in the pods, but it’s not what you’re thinking!

The Love is Blind star took to her Instagram on Wednesday to introduce her followers to the “forever love” she found in the pods. Before you start freaking out, she hasn’t found herself a new boo after her split from Cole Barnett, but she did find a shoulder to lean on. So, who’s she gushing about?! Her new roommate, Ashley Randermann!

While you might not be as familiar with Ashley, she was actually a contestant on season 3 of the Netflix dating show at the same time as Z, but she did not get engaged and therefore didn’t move past the pod portion of the series. AKA she had WAY less screen time! But her time off-camera with Zanab was enough to form a lifelong bond.

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Sharing a montage video of some of their best moments, Zanab captioned it:

“This one is long overdue. Just because I didn’t come out of LIB with a husband, doesn’t mean I didn’t find forever love! Meet Ashley, shes the Roomaloo, rooms and Ezgo. Our friendship is made up of cooking dinner, boat rides, church, deep conversations on balconies, dancing on fireplaces, gym dates, impromptu trips, farm rides, all white parties and so much more. You are a big part of so many of my fav mems. Love you Bash xoxo”


Ashley even commented on the post, responding:

“Friendship soulmates; when ya know, ya know. Forever thankful for @loveisblindnetflix for my forever Ezgo and all the memories we’ve made thus far.”

It’s good to know the real estate agent got something good out of her time on the reality show because it sure ended in flames!

As Perezcious readers know, Zanab and Cole hit it off before ever seeing each other and ultimately got engaged. Once outside of the pods, they struggled to adjust to their normal lives in Dallas, Texas as a couple. At the altar, Zanab called things off while slamming Cole for the way he “shattered” her self-confidence. It was brutal AF!

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Later in the reunion special, the two butted heads again as Zanab continued to blast her ex for the way he negatively impacted her body image and relationship with food, pointing specifically to the “cuties scene” in which Cole questioned her choice to eat a snack before dinner. While Zanab stood by everything she said in the episode, some fans didn’t agree with her harsh take on the moment. Even Cole later spoke out against her, saying on the Lauren Interviews podcast in December:

“She played me, 100 percent she played me. She told me that there was a chance that we were getting married. She said she was 100 or 1,000 percent ready to marry me at that last date and then we talked off-camera and I let her know I wasn’t ready to get married.”

He continued:

“She verbatim told me, ‘I don’t want any drama at the wedding,’ and then she did what she did at the wedding. So yeah, I got totally played and it was scripted. And it’s just a lie for her at the reunion to say that she was still trying to decide on wedding day whether or not she was ready to marry me. It’s like, ‘Yo, if that was true then how the hell do you say what you said about me?’ That would make you all sorts of messed up if you felt that way about someone and you were trying to decide if you wanted to marry them that day.”

Damn. Cole clearly wasn’t her forever love, that’s for sure! Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Zanab Jaffrey/Cole Barnett/Instagram]

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