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Fierce Homo Pop

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We don't even know what he's saying, but….

THIS is so cheesy fun!

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250 comments to “Fierce Homo Pop”

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  1. jennifer says – reply to this



  2. SUCKS says – reply to this



  3. Amber says – reply to this


    That is super snazzy.

  4. whatevs says – reply to this



  5. courtney says – reply to this




  6. Daisy says – reply to this


    The guy looks a bit like David Bowie.

  7. pookie says – reply to this


    is he writing a letter with nailpolish….resourcefull

  8. sigrid says – reply to this


    ohh myy godd

  9. PEREZSUCKS says – reply to this



  10. tami says – reply to this


    This reminds me of Britney's - Oops! I Did it Ggain video, but in red not yellow, and with Gay Men, not Trailer Trash - y'all!! hahah

  11. kels says – reply to this



  12. tami says – reply to this


    This reminds me of Britney's - Oops! I Did it Again video, but in red not yellow, and with Gay Men, not Trailer Trash - y'all!! hahah

  13. me says – reply to this


    omg…..loooooove it. thats maaaajor!!

  14. sandy says – reply to this


    c'est terriblement kitsch !!!!!

  15. crittter says – reply to this


    Wait a minute…is this guy one of those gays???

  16. jm says – reply to this


    It's actually a mating call to the members of Spandau Ballet.

  17. jm says – reply to this


    He's sending out a mating call to the members of Spandau Ballel

  18. Tinna says – reply to this


    he's so totaly lovable.. his name is Páll Óskar and is from iceland.. which of course rules ;)

  19. Maria says – reply to this


    Love him!

  20. Icelandic says – reply to this


    Hi His name is Paul Oscar :)
    He is from iceland and he is singing about how mutch poeple are willing to give away for love…
    Even theyr own life…
    He is an amazing singer ;)

  21. Toddles says – reply to this


    At around 1:30 he's got a hard on.

    I think he's saying "Sit on my face," or something.

  22. Icelandic girl says – reply to this


    That is a famous icelandic performer, Paul Oscar…hehe. Yeah, the outfit looks alot like the one in Britneys video: oops i did it again. But also, the beginning looks a lot like the cover on the movie: American beauty, just google it and youll see what i mean.
    But I love this video, it soooo Paul Oscar!!! Lol!

  23. cathy in hawaii says – reply to this


    cheesy……yes……..sound's great………YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  24. YoMom says – reply to this


    Up the butt!

  25. Pillow Biter says – reply to this


    What makes you think this guy is gay??

  26. UKer says – reply to this


    you can't beat a bit of cheesy europop.

  27. jamie says – reply to this


    hahahaha that's funny!

  28. jessica says – reply to this



  29. jimkhm says – reply to this


    I think it has dance floor potential myself.

  30. Audur says – reply to this


    hehe.. This "guy" is an Icelandic singer!!
    ..don´t you know that you´re not suposed to make fun of icelandic performers….. we are to COOL in every sense of the word ;)

  31. iceboy says – reply to this


    "What makes you think this guy is gay??"

    maybe because he´s said that he is ;)

  32. laura kyle says – reply to this


    fun find indeed. :) Now I gotta go watch American Beauty.

    (If you like Perez, you may also like WWW.FUNNYCELEBRITY.BLOGSPOT.COM)

  33. OH Mary says – reply to this



  34. K K says – reply to this


    he has little boobies!!!

  35. CR says – reply to this



  36. icelandic song:D says – reply to this


    he is singing about everything for love.. no hate..and he is gay;D

  37. Terese says – reply to this


    Those europeans know how to be gay the best because they make their mainstream like it first.

  38. joeyOh says – reply to this


    Perfect BF material for David Beckham

  39. Brittney says – reply to this


    haha…that was great……………i loove the tight shiny red suit thing

  40. dramar says – reply to this


    veeeeiiiiii, pall oskar king of iceland!!!!

  41. Val says – reply to this


    I think he's saying:


    I like it in the ass…..shove this bottle up my ass..
    tickle me with rose petals….and fuck me with nail polish…
    I like it in the ass…..Grind those petals up my ass…
    Don't bother picking off the thorns…..I like the way they rip my ass…

    **These lyrics are not to be used for future reference…these ar my lyrics and mine alone….. LOL…. I love this website..

  42. beauty_w_brains says – reply to this



  43. magentapyramid says – reply to this



    would you like some whine with that cheddar???

  44. Kelly says – reply to this


    god, i needed that chuckle today! really badly!!
    that was almost MAJOR!
    almost. lol

  45. tinna says – reply to this


    He Rocks..
    his name is Páll Óskar and is a Icelantic pop star

  46. georgina says – reply to this


    I was hoping at that end he was going to say "JUST JACK!"

  47. tinna says – reply to this


    He´s fantastic..
    His name is Páll Óskar and his is a Icelantic superstar…

  48. Bjarki says – reply to this


    The man's name is Páll Óskar and he is a singer here in Iceland.

    And yes, he is a gay.

  49. Shoe Diva says – reply to this


    What a scream! Cliche is his middle name. Kitchie scene after kitchie scene! I mean silver lava!!! I think he rocks that red vinyl outfit. Other than that I am embarassed for him.

  50. tyler says – reply to this


    Does anyone else notice that this guy looks like Zac Efron in 20 years?

  51. Bunny Andre says – reply to this


    FIRST!!!! And this really sucks is so stupid So f U perez!!!!!!!!

  52. Icelander says – reply to this



  53. Gigi says – reply to this


    he reminds of britney spearsin the oops i did it again video when he has that red shiny suit on lol

  54. Rosa Hildur from Iceland says – reply to this


    His name is Paul Oscar, one of the best dance music artists in Iceland. Those that follow the Eurovision Song Contest will recognize him from the 1997 contest where he represented Iceland, and got 0 points and was highly criticized for the simple fact of grabbing his own crotch in a "Michael Jackson" sort of way. Before his entry most countries hesitated to send in modern pop music or advancing the over-all style of the contest, they still had elderly people judging in panels for each country instead of the televoting they have now.

  55. Rosa Hildur from Iceland says – reply to this


    Forgot to mention: The video is cheesy on purpose, he's making fun of some of the stupidest music videos out there.

  56. Beanz luvs Perez says – reply to this


    haha. Omgg'

    Perez, you should check out the Tube and type in "samwell" or "what what in the butt". that is so homo compared to this video

  57. Janine says – reply to this


    "We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest in the glory that is within us. It is not just in some of us. It is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." - Nelson
    That was on his myspace!

  58. Rosa Hildur from Iceland says – reply to this


    Seems I can't stop coming back with more info: He has been a judge on the Icelandic Idol and X-Factor for several years now and is looked up to by most of the Icelandic music industry. The most popular DJ for more than a decade and has released no 1 albums in different musical styles such as both classical, pop and dance. He's been a representative for the gay community in Iceland for a long time and again, is also highly respected amongst that community. Actually, I don't know of a single person under the age of 40 in Iceland that DOESN'T respect him. Even Bjork herself has said on numerous occations that he is someone worth looking up to.

  59. Hugo La Mas Puta says – reply to this


    There are so many things wrong with this video!!! Song is kind of catchy they maybe they should think about a reshoot except this time please spend more than 1 thousand dollars on the video!!

  60. G says – reply to this


    He looks like if Adam Levine and Christian Bale gave birth to a really gay son.

  61. Rosa Hildur from Iceland says – reply to this


    Found the lyrics translated into english:
    No matter how it turns out
    the fact remains
    that I love you
    and nobody can change that
    No matter how it was
    I could give another chance
    just one more time

    Everything for love
    the only thing there‘s never enough of
    Men love, sacrifice,
    suffer and miss.
    Everything for love
    no matter what life would bring me
    I would say „Out with the hate,
    in with the love“

    The one who loves the most
    hopes for everything and tolerates everything
    even though you‘re unfaithful
    I will still forgive you.
    All of your worst and best
    I could carry on my shoulders
    do anything.

    Everything for love…

  62. Trikkxster says – reply to this


    Love the Red Jumper! Wardrobe provided as a courtesy by International Male.

  63. Heather. says – reply to this


    lmao :] wow.

  64. Nadjah says – reply to this


    OMG, I totally loved that shit!
    Cheers from Finland!

  65. davíð says – reply to this


    haha palli magnaður,, ávallt svalur,, and he is actually gay

  66. Paul Oscar rocks says – reply to this


    This is a fierce song…two snaps! Thanks for finding this Perez!

  67. Sunna says – reply to this


    Páll Óskar is sooo great, I really, really dig him. He competed in the Eurovision Song contest in 1997. He actually scored the highest with the nations that allowed telephone voting - sad to say though, he didn´t win!
    His album (which I think is called) "Stanslaust stuð" is AWESOME!

  68. Jackie says – reply to this


    WTF not even a good looking HOMO!!!

  69. Ms.Tiza says – reply to this


    The best part is the near the end when the arrow is sticking out of his heart. It's classic.

  70. Samantha says – reply to this


    Love it!!

  71. Frikki says – reply to this


    wait, can everyone icelandic write a comment so we can make a sort of headcount thing?

    ps. is this thing old? (i've been living abroad for the last year so stuff like this passes me by)

  72. Karen says – reply to this


    he is Icelandic
    and yes he is gay
    and it is very popular song
    and stop making fun of him its not like you know him!!
    …Páll Óskar þú ert bestur :D

  73. Rosa Hildur from Iceland says – reply to this


    To Frikki: It's not old, it's no. 1 in the charts at the moment.

  74. Theresa says – reply to this


    hahah perez i fucking love you.

    the red suit, closed eyes, rose petals…. clenches fist and makes sweeping hand motions…. hahah this is super cheesy and i can just picture you totally dancing like its 1999 to this shizzz :)

    lol its so bad it hurts. hahah

    oh and for all you fucking haters, which i get so sick of reading every day…. well why fucking come here?!? huh!? SERIOUSLY. and, think about it…. the HATERS are the only ones dumb enough and bored enough to leave their comments, …. so… out of, hmm what… um 5 million hits a day, 200 comments where 75% of them are 'bashing perez' ISNT BAD AT ALL. and you JUST make yourselves look fucking STUPID SO stop bashing perez you morons. fuck i hate silly little emo scene teens who cant handle their emo. just pathetic.

    perez is fucking amazing and you all are just jealous of his success. and if you say…. 'pssh, as if!' to that, then WHY .. WHAT is your reason for the hatred? he's fucking incredible so lay off……. haters GO OUT and do something for yourselves people instead of leaving a nAsty comment or masturbating to daniel radcliff. little poseurs.

    k im done!~ :) love u PEREZ. n be4 u lil haters talk shit about me check out my fucking fabulous, fierce self on myspace and then shut your mouths. thank u and goooood day! :)


  75. sosexymale2005 says – reply to this



  76. John says – reply to this



  77. COCO says – reply to this


    Paul Oscar should fired his video's producer, the director, the custome designer, the prop manager, the make up artist, the dancers, the arrow in his chest, the flowers, the poison, his hair stylist ,his manager, the recording studio, his acting coach
    and his fake tears. Everything. Start from scratch and next time, do not make a fool of yourself.

    Wish you luck!

  78. Nikki says – reply to this


    I have room in my heart for only one Icelandic pop star. Fyrirgefðu, Pallo Oskar. Fyrirgefðu.

  79. OMG says – reply to this


    yea im slightly creeped out

  80. Allt fyrir Astina says – reply to this


    Hei! This is Icelandic.

    Well. Allt fyrir astina menirnir elskast mennirnir elskast forna…..

  81. titogobbi says – reply to this


    it's Euro dance crap…
    the man needs to hit the gym and work on those man boobies….

  82. gay guy999666 says – reply to this


    i am laughing so hard I'm shiting my pants. do you wanna see it??

  83. Rash Manly says – reply to this


    This video may have slight hidden gay overtones.

    Rash Manly therashreport.com

  84. I'm a PEREZ! says – reply to this


    LMFAO! looks like he has little BOOBIES!

  85. Icelandman says – reply to this


    Iceland is SOOOO coool even though the whole country is a bunch of inbread crackers

  86. andy says – reply to this


    very very very very bad

  87. will says – reply to this


    i swear i heard him say anal a few times lol

  88. gossipgirl says – reply to this


    hahaha! he looks like a cross between ricky martin & christian bale…only GAYER!

  89. margret.is says – reply to this


    Páll Óskar rocks!
    I interveiwed him this morning in my radio show, He´s also a DJ. Of course he´s gay and of course the vidio is funny… The song is high on the dance charts here in Iceland, but he doesn´t take him self too seriously, just an all around fun guy!

  90. david says – reply to this


    He aint no american beauty!!! Eurovision has come early by the sound of things!!!

  91. Jon says – reply to this


    Homo say what?

  92. Mandy says – reply to this


    WTF!!! This is so totally fab.

  93. MISSKELLI says – reply to this



  94. Angry Icelander says – reply to this


    U stupid f!!!!!! americans! U don't know anything about us Icelanders for sure!!
    Don't jugde others because they are diffrent then u or because they make other kind of jokes then u do. Because you make fun of other countries as well.
    So if you don't get the funny part about this video then watch something else or mind your own busniess.
    Páll Óskar ROCKS!!!!

  95. Charlie says – reply to this


    I wouldn't expect anyone to really know what he's singing– it's in Icelandic… lol

  96. Edda Rós says – reply to this


    Páll Óskar Is so Awsome! Everything 4 love-the name of the song-
    Bezt love song of the year!
    The Most Famus icelander!


  97. margret.is says – reply to this


    Don´t be angry… most Americans don´t travel outside of the States, but rather give silly comments about other countries they dont even know anything about.

    Oooo yeh… some Americans don´t even know their own presidents name.
    Chew on that!! www.margret.is

    ps. I grew up in L.A. Love the US but some people are just plain stupid.

  98. Silja says – reply to this


    Well duh-of course it´s gay. It´s the official song for the 2007 Gay Pride Festival in Iceland. Have you seen all the costumes and stuff in those parades? It would have been weird if the video wasn´t a little over the top.
    But of course, Paul Oscar is super gay and fantabulous ;)

  99. Angie says – reply to this


    gay gay gay

  100. The Phantom says – reply to this


    It amazes me how narrow minded people can be about music from other countries. It is not as if music belongs in English language only. I am fortunate to listen to foreign music and I can bet a lot of it is better than the crap the American airwaves play. If Perez was trying to be funny it did not work for me.

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