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Yup, He's An Idiot!

| Filed under: Nick Hogan


Witnesses on the scene of the near-fatal Nick Hogan car crash are confirming that he was racing a silver Dodge Viper at the time, but police say it's too early to know for sure what led to the crash.

No charges have been filed.

After a big hug and thanking God that he's okay now, we'd smack the shit out of Nick for risking his own life and putting innocent people in danger as well!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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170 comments to “Yup, He's An Idiot!”

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  1. JM says – reply to this



  2. Howl says – reply to this


    What a loser..

  3. dave says – reply to this


    what a douche nozzle

  4. bytch says – reply to this


    Glad he didn't kill an innocent person!
    I hope he gets arrested and serves his 82 min. for this!

  5. 3rd says – reply to this



  6. r.l. says – reply to this



  7. Ricky says – reply to this


    hope he's ok, but he'll walk away with lil charges……rich daddy

  8. Kez says – reply to this


    he is so fit!!!

  9. jennzz says – reply to this


    he looks so white trashy,, or should i say white trash with some money,,
    I am glad he is not dead,, I hope this other guy is not dead,,

  10. CharlieTheVoice says – reply to this


    Did he win the race or not?

  11. C says – reply to this


    I love him.

    He`s so perfect :)

  12. yayaya says – reply to this


    its not a viper in the picture though, its a supra! my brother and i met brooke and nick balleo in Hawaii several years ago and spent most of the time with them. They are super nice and this is such a sad story. My thoughts and prayers are with them

  13. Jason says – reply to this


    Uh, he can't race people on a track?

  14. GLAD Nick is okay! says – reply to this


    He's a young boy.
    They do STUPID shit, especially when fast cars are involved.
    Hopefully the HULK will NOT be giving him another fast car like that!

  15. Hilary says – reply to this


    I saw the pics, it was a yellow supra!!!

  16. Shawna says – reply to this


    I think that Hulk and his wife Linda need to take all cars away from Nick and give Brooke a nice new shiny sports car for Christmas!

  17. uhoh says – reply to this


    he's gonna be in trouuuble

  18. not cool says – reply to this


    spoiled dumbass

  19. desiree says – reply to this


    i think we all know he's an idiot. anyone who has accidentally caught their show on tv knows that.

  20. Rob in MI says – reply to this


    If he was the driver, his passenger will undoubtedly file a huge lawsuit. He is an idiot that endangered many peoples' lives. He got out fairly easily, but it may not be so easy for his passenger, and it most likely endangered others in the public.

  21. ninanorway says – reply to this


    the Hulk will now try to save his sons rep and send him to rehab for speeding! if you can rehab for homophobia, you can rehab for speeding!

  22. memememe says – reply to this


    i just hope all involved are okay and get well soon. hopefully he learns a lesson. the kid is young, and you can expect he will make mistakes. all the negative criticism is unnecessary, as is "wishing he were dead." grow up!

  23. bravogirl says – reply to this


    why do idiots race don't they know any better

  24. Simon says – reply to this


    So then I was like, Hey, where's the other car, and he was like, ummm, what?

  25. Miss.Green says – reply to this


    Such a sad story. Hope all involved will be ok, and this will be a lesson for him.

  26. Aqua says – reply to this


    Maybe daddy will keep him on a tighter leash now… unless that's just not good publicity…

  27. Chayizo! says – reply to this



  28. mmhmm says – reply to this


    its nice to see Nick got his own 'file' and doesnt have to share with brooke any more.

  29. meow says – reply to this



  30. Aunt Esther says – reply to this


    Nick is hot!
    I'm glad he's ok.

  31. TNGirl says – reply to this


    That was a supra in the picture, not a viper.

  32. memikeyounot says – reply to this


    The car was a yellow Toyota Supra, not a Viper.

  33. vic says – reply to this


    Dumb asshole - just another spoiled idiot who has no respect or regard for anyone else on the road…..too bad there are people like this on the earth.

  34. Christine says – reply to this


    Didn't the Hulk install a secret gps in his daughter's car, so he would know where she was, and how fast she was driving? Guess he should have done it w/the boy, too. Young kids, fast cars = trouble. He's crashed 2 race cars on the track too - needs to take some driving lessons, and be held accountable.

    Hopefully this one scared the crap out of him enough. I say buy the boy a minivan.

  35. d says – reply to this


    Florida White Trash, too fast too nerdy

  36. Lauren says – reply to this


    You have no respect, he had an accident, could have died, no word on the other kid and you make light of the situation by calling him an idiot. You are asshole.

  37. toby says – reply to this


    third chicka chicka wah wah

  38. lnz says – reply to this


    what a douche, i hope his friend comes out of it and beats his ass

  39. Drive safe! says – reply to this


    I smell a big fat law suit coming the HULKS way!!!!!When you give a spoiled brat a fast car what do you think he is gonna do ? Go the speed limit? Yeah right!!! Linda and Hulk stop ruining Brookes life and try saving your sons from killing people and his own life.I really hope his friend makes and it and he is okay.

  40. haverespect says – reply to this



  41. jake says – reply to this


    um this story is boring. can we move on??

  42. I don't believe it says – reply to this


    No teen should have a car with more than 100 hp much less 400 hp. Teen (especially a BOY) + fast car = crash. Idiot. Glad he's alive and his passenger, who is critical, I hope makes a full recovery to sue the shit out of Sh-NICK for Brains.

  43. gabby says – reply to this


    loser… but thank god he's alive.

  44. Nicki says – reply to this


    This fool needs to be taken in hand by his parents before he kills someone. It's not big and its not clever Nick. Racing should be kept for the track and you shouldnt be allowed a licence to drive on the road for the next 20 years or until you've learned some respect for others. You should be given a bicycle and told to master that before some souped up racing car…………Your parents have really failed you and you…….well, maybe this is the wake up call you need to cop onto yourself and start living a normal, decent life.

  45. Christina says – reply to this


    I love new money. They make life interesting to watch.

  46. Occupent says – reply to this


    maybe next time mummy and duh-dee will re-think what kind of car they but for ittle nicky

  47. Tina says – reply to this


    That's what happens when you have a 17 year old kid, a nice car, and a potential racing career. Be careful Nick!!

  48. lindsay says – reply to this


    you guys are all retards, he was racing against a silver viper not driving it…use your brains

  49. Okie says – reply to this


    you can take the boy out of the trailer park….

  50. Dawn Day says – reply to this


    Yep he's lucky but it sounds like his passenger is staring at being a vegtable for the rest of his life. That sucks! Nick sure learned a heavy lesson last night!!

  51. Candy says – reply to this


    HE'S the one that should have been on a short lease, not his sister. That was obvious from the very first episode of their show.

  52. Alana says – reply to this


    It is my opinion that when this happens and it can be proven that there was street racing that the persons driving should have their DL revoked for 10+ years!

  53. perezito's Stalker says – reply to this


    look same jacket as Perez
    how gay

  54. g says – reply to this


    #28 - Kelly said:
    "Nick Hogan has been trained professionally on how to drive. I usually love your stuff Perez, but you stepped over the line with this one. "

    Kelly=idiot and family press agent. Is Jeff Gordon allowed to drive on city streets 120mph because he is a racecare driver? No. Get a clue.


  55. memememe says – reply to this



  56. give me somehting good says – reply to this


    this guy sux. it's monday and news about the hulk's son is tolly un-interesting. perez- you gotta do better than this… where's the scientologists lately? gimmie somethin'

  57. jg says – reply to this


    I think he means he was was racing AGAINST a silver dodge .

  58. JLB says – reply to this


    He's a spoil little shit! Mommy and daddy will replace the car immediately & he'll do it again.

  59. DE says – reply to this


    Maybe the Yellow Toyota was the car he was racing against, and his silver viper is a twisted mass of metal too! Either way the boy is NOT smart is he?

  60. Lily says – reply to this


    Of COURSE people are going to come in here and disrespect. DUH. Why spend so much time telling them they should be different? The kid almost killed someone!

    Oh and I love the Viper confusion. Idiots. He was RACING a Viper (supposedly) not DRIVING it. VIPER = OTHER CAR THAT MIGHT BE INVOLVED

  61. ANGELA says – reply to this


    check out ANGELA at myspace.com/youwantangela! xoxoxx

  62. Homer Hilton says – reply to this


    Little douche bag needs to go to jail. Period. His friend is in critical condition and who knows how many he might have killed or injured.

    He's a fucking douche bag, and so are you, Perez.

    Meanwhile, I had lunch with Fidel yesterday, you fat fucking, sloppy, arrogant cunt of an imbecile.

  63. krendy says – reply to this


    this family needs to seriously regroup. brooke now looks like a hooker, the mother behaves like a batty spendaholic and a 17 year old should NOT have this kind of car. get it together hogans, the condition of nick's passenger should serve as a big ass wake up call.

  64. Danielle says – reply to this


    I met Linda Hogan last night at LAX. She was truly heartbroken and lost. She seems like an amazing mom who just wanted to get home to be with Nick and her family. I'm glad he's doing better. He's a kid and we all made mistakes. Some are lucky enough to get another chance. Let's hope he grows from this situation.

  65. M. says – reply to this


    we already knew he was an idiot…look at his parents…and his sister.

  66. Innocent Victim says – reply to this


    And just what is the condition of his passenger? Let's not forget that this selfish fuck is responsible for someone else being in the hospital in CRITICAL CONDITION. If the guy dies then Hogan should get slammed for involuntary manslaughter at the very least.

  67. Lizz says – reply to this


    The article says Nick was RACING a Viper, it doesn't say he was driving one. Read the article again. He was drag racing on the street. Lucky he didn't do more damage.

  68. Shawna says – reply to this


    He said he was RACING The Viper.. not driving it peeps *rolls eyes*

  69. Krys says – reply to this


    Are you people serious? This kid got in a bad accident and you people are talkin' shit?! Accidents happen. For being a celebrity family, these people seem to be the most grounded and real people around. I am sure anyone his age who had a sick ass car like that would end up doing the same thing…except without the professional training that Nick has…It was a frickin' accident. And I am sure there were no drugs or alcohol involved. Have some compassion people…instead of hating on this kid!

  70. Aileen says – reply to this


    Hulk Hogan- why is Nick acting that way? You know he endangered the life of innocent people and his friend that was in the passenger seat. For those people who say "OK boys will be boys and make mistake-" what if Nick killed one of your loved ones? Does that make it right? What a LOSER!!!!

  71. Susan says – reply to this


    I blame his parents.

    There is no way a kid that young could afford a Viper on his own.

    When will people learn that you just don't hand such things over to kids like it's the normal thing to do?


  72. Agnacious says – reply to this


    Someone better die soon. I am getting tired of false alarms.
    If not, I think you owe it to us to kill someone.

  73. LAWSUIT!! says – reply to this


    I smell a lawsuit coming nicks and hulks way…Buh Bye WWE money.

  74. PEREZ says – reply to this



  75. Jenn says – reply to this


    What a sophmoric little dirt rag. Are there people that actuallly think we should be RESPECTING this kid and his family right now? I blame the parents. The parents are basically the ones responsible. Why don't you teach your kid how to USE a loaded weapon before giving it to him?

  76. A says – reply to this


    street racers are fucking tools. jackass yo-boy.

  77. Celeb Hater or is it Mater says – reply to this


    This guy is a douche and Nick's dog has the lipstick out… That jacket looks like something Perez would wear.

  78. Celeb Hater or is it Mater says – reply to this


    Hat over ears? WTF?

  79. Tawney says – reply to this


    Are you all dense? He was driving his Supra racing a Viper. Maybe you all went to school where that dumb blonde went… the one who was posted a few days ago. Just a thought…

  80. Katrina says – reply to this


    You are absolutely right. Street racing kills. I'd hug him then slug him.

  81. NO SHIT says – reply to this


    People keep saying it was a Supra not a viper. No one said he was driving a Viper, it said he was racing one. GET BETTER BROTHER!!!!!!! BUT BEWARE THAT HULKAMANIA IS GONNA RUN WILD ON YOU!!

  82. Jason says – reply to this


    All the negative comments seemed to be based around the fact that Nick and his family have money. No, he shouldn't have been driving like an effing maniac, but you know what….he's a human fucking being….and WE MAKE MISTAKES. Let's hope he learned from this and thank God that it wasn't worse!
    And for all of you wishing ill will on the family and criticizing for WHATEVER reason. How about you post some stuff on YOUR families and let us sit here and scrutinize and make rude comments about how we think this person should be dead or in jail etc etc. HYPOCRITICAL FUCKS you people are!

  83. JC says – reply to this


    Sure looks like a yellow Supra to me, not a silver viper. But nice reporting, dick

  84. B.V. says – reply to this


    Umm, the pictures of the vehicle posted are of a yellow car. Witnesses claim the car was silver??? Either you have the wrong pictures or those are some lame ass witnesses.

  85. Sara says – reply to this


    In reply to Yayaya: Of course it's not a Viper in the picture Mr Know It All, he was RACING a Viper. All of the news articles clearly stated he was driving a Supra. Try to pay attention to the stories before you post trying to sound all knowledgeable.

  86. Kelly says – reply to this


    What a loser. Why don't parents teach responsibility anymore?!

  87. Tina says – reply to this


    I live in Tampa, and I was just reading an article online about this somewhere else. The place in Clearwater where it happens is a huge drag racing area. A couple of months back, police did a huge sting operation there and arrested quite a few people. It's pretty much a straight away.

  88. Sara says – reply to this


    Thank you Anita!!!!!!!! What a bunch of dumb shits!!!!!!!!

  89. Susanaliza says – reply to this


    I'm getting married to a hot brit!


  90. mammagreenbuds says – reply to this


    "After a big hug and thanking God that he’s okay now, we’d smack the shit out of Nick for risking his own life and putting innocent people in danger as well!" UMMMM PUTTING PEOPLE IN DANGER HE'S DONE MORE THAN THAT HE'S RUINED A KID'S LIFE THAT KID IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE WITH SERIOUS HEAD INJURIES. Fuck this little douche nozzle. He's crashed 4 cars and it's never slowed him down yet. Maybe jailtime will.

  91. Me says – reply to this


    If he's too immature to drive right, he's not mature enough to drive. Period. Take away his keys until he can handle it like a big boy.

  92. chloe says – reply to this


    His parents are idiots. If he had died they would've been partly to blame. They need to take away his cars & get him a Prius or a Mini Cooper. Try racing that.

  93. nene says – reply to this


    is that your outfit?, oh my god, he looks just like he took clothes out your closeth perez!

  94. chloe says – reply to this


    his friend who was with him in the crash will probably sue

  95. Jessica says – reply to this


    What an idiot. That car was invaluable…pristine, perfect. And he destroyed it. He should first be disallowed from breathing, and subsequently due to death, driving. This is the second exotic he's destroyed, and it's heartbreaking to the import community. We don't give a shit about him.

    Spoiled brat.

  96. bella says – reply to this


    i am glad he is ok, and i pray the other guy pulls through, but lets be serious, who the HELL lets their 17 year old son drive a supra?!!

  97. Bababooey says – reply to this


    Okay, you idiots…..let me spell it out for you. Yes, he was driving a yellow Supra, but he was racing AGAINST a silver Viper. Get it now? Sheesh, low IQ's in this place.

  98. Andrea says – reply to this


    God, I love you PEREZ! You are such a LATINO!!!!! My parents would have beat the shit out of me if I ever did such a thing!!

  99. Dualing Banjos says – reply to this


    He is dad is a PRO WRESTLER, did you expect him to have class and good judgement?!?!?!?!

  100. Interesting says – reply to this


    Yellow supra (as pictures show) or silver viper?

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