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Taylor Lautner And Patrick Schwarzenegger Are Super Studly In Grown Ups 2! Watch The Trailer HERE!!

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Let's get chocolate wasted again!

…Or just wasted on the rock hard hotties of Grown Ups 2.

Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger star as frat boys (too perfect, right?) in the second installment of the Adam Sandler-penned family comedy.

And if the double dose of Taylor Swift's seXXXy exes isn't enough to bring you to the theaters July 12 than we're sure Shaquille O'Neill AND Andy Samberg's unexpected HIGHlarious cameos will.

Ch-ch-check out the priceless trailer (above)!!

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Uh Huh! Shaq Facing Second Computer Hacking Lawsuit!

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This is turning into Shaq Vs. The World over here! Is no one's privacy safe from the computer hacking mastermind that is Shaquille O'Neal?!

The NBA star has been hit with yet another lawsuit today and once again, it alleges that he went through personal information on their computer. Vanessa Lopez, otherwise known as Shaq's piece on the side, was informed by Shaq's informer employee, Shawn Darling, that his boss had been hacking into her private accounts. As you recall, Shawn is also filing a hacking suit against Shaq. As she had already filed a harassment suit earlier this year, Vanessa filed an amended lawsuit over the weekend, including this new information.

According to lawsuit and testimony by Shawn, Shaq insisted his IT guy teach him how to "hack into text messages of third parties" (aka, open her inbox), go into her voicemails, monitor her cell phone use, use "spoofing" to assign fake numbers to incoming calls and cut and paste images to unrelated texts or emails to appear legit.

So, nothing really a 7th grader with a Droid couldn't pull off, but still!

You better hurry and clean up this mess before it gets to dicey for you, Shaq! We wouldn't want to see you lose your show because of this shiz.

Oh wait, yes we would. Carry on then!

[Image via WENN.]

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Shaq Sued For Emotional Distress After Terrorizing Former Employee!

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Holy shiz!

Shaquille O'Neal is being sued by his former employee Shawn Darling for emotional distress, invasion of privacy and racketeering.

Darling worked as Shaq's IT guy from 2007 to 2009, where he worked on several creepy projects for the NBA star.

He has allegedly witnessed O'Neal hacking into voicemails, use law enforcement contacts to gain info about his mistresses,
throw a personal computer with evidence in a nearby lake and conspire with active police to frame Darling for a criminal offense.

In August 2008, Shaq began an affair with Alexis Miller, who is sued him for harassment and stalking. O'Neal asked his employee to find every email and text that he sent to Miller. He then performed a "Defense Department type wipe of O'Neal's computer" at Shaq's request.

And if that wasn't enough, the lawsuit details that "O'Neal, along with his houseboy Joe Caballero, disposed of the computer in the lake behind O'Neal's house and gave Darling cash to buy another replacement I-Mac."

It started to get really bad in October 2009 when Shaq began an affair with Vanessa Lopez. Darling reached out to the girl to warn her that O'Neal was trying to break into her voicemail, deleting messages and changing her passwords. Then, she ratted on him!

The employee claims that Shaq began to send him threatening messages, attempted to break into his voicemail and tried to frame Darling for possession of child pornography with the help of an Arizona detective. His goal was that the computer would be confiscated and the evidence of an affair with Lopez would be gone.

O'Neal's agent wrote, "Got it he will be stopped n pay for this."

The basketball star responded:

"ok but in the meantime o boy needs to be put in jail, we have way too many law enforcement connections to let a criminal try to get over on mine o mine, we don't need any distractions as we deal with Harvard guy, shoe line guy, restaurant guy, real estate guy and everything we are planning to do after basketball life…"


[Image via WENN.]

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Shaq Is Engaged?

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That was fast!

Shaquille O'Neal and his girlfriend Nikki "Hoopz" Alexander are reportedly engaged!

Shaq has only been dating Hoopz, the winner of Flavor Of Love's first season, for a few months, but evidently he proposed and she showed off her ring recently at a family party.

Shaq and his wife Shaunie and mistress Vanessa Lopez have been involved in an ugly divorce for awhile because Shaunie wants more money due to the cheating allegations.

And Hoopz wants to get involved with this mess?

Good luck!

[Image via WENN.]

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Is Shaq Engaged To A Reality Star?

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Rumors are circulating that NBA star Shaquille O’Neal may be engaged to Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, the winner of VH1’s reality TV show I Love Money!!

O’Neal and Alexnder were seen at Sahara Mediterranean Cuisine and Hookah Lounge. Sam David, owner of the Lounge, thinks that he saw O’Neal Nicole to marry him.

"I think he may have proposed to his girlfriend. He brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger."

We hope Shaq got her to sign a prenup…you know, because she was the winner of a show called I Love Money!

But don’t let us don’t let us damper your fun, Shaq. Congrats!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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Scary Commercial!

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Check out this frightening Vitamin Water commercial featuring Gary Busey!

It's going to give us nightmares!

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Shaq's Show Gets Better Ratings 2nd Time Around

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We still don’t know anyone who will admit to watching Shaquille O’Neill’s reality show, Shaq Vs., but it seems many people are tuning in.

Earlier this year we mentioned the show was re-newed by ABC, and we’re betting the corpoarate heads are loving it now.

Shaq’s show has managed to bring in higher ratings than it did last year.

Shaq Vs. brought in 5.4 million viewers, not so much of an impressive figure, but enough to make it a 12% increase from last year.

Meanwhile, America’s Got Talent brought in 10.2 million viewers while Wipeout brought in 8.8 million and Masterchef 5.9 million.

So, are U one of those 5.4 million who actually wants to watch Shaq on TV?

[Image via WENN.]

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