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Aaron Carter's Fiancée Melanie Martin Addresses Feud With His Family In First Tell-All Interview Since Star's Passing: ‘We Need Closure’

Aaron Carter's Fiancée Melanie Martin Addresses Feud With His Family In First Tell-All Interview Since Star’s Passing: ‘We Need Closure’

Melanie Martin is finally opening up about all things Aaron Carter, their son Prince, and her alleged feud with his estranged family.

One month after the former Disney star’s unexpected passing, his on-again-off-again fiancée is pulling back the curtain on everything that’s been happening in the days since. As we’ve previously reported, despite Aaron’s family not inviting her to his memorial service in the spring, the 30-year-old claimed to not “want any bad blood” with the family. Instead, she just hoped for “Prince to be taken care of and Aaron’s legacy to live on.” However, in her first sit-down interview since the I Want Candy singer’s tragic end, the now-single mother is providing more context.

After giving birth to their baby boy last November following a tragic miscarriage, the proud parents unfortunately lost custody back in March due to the singer’s drug issues and their ongoing relationship struggles. Prince has since been living with Melanie’s mother in Lake Forest, California. The beauty influencer regretfully admitted to The U.S. Sun Tuesday:

“I can’t give details, both regretted the words that caused us to lose custody of our son. However, we were both working towards getting him back. He was seeing our son and then I was seeing our son with my mom and he was really actively trying. It was just a lot. I think it really stressed him out. We were doing couples therapy for the entire year, and he was doing his outpatient rehab. And we were taking parenting classes, things like that, those were long classes, and expensive too. It was one of the hardest years and now it’s even harder for me.”

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The momma revealed she has regular, unsupervised visits with the 1-year-old, while prior to Aaron’s death, he enjoyed supervised visits. She optimistically told the outlet she’s close to getting sole custody back, and has even moved into an apartment near her mother’s residence following the I’m All About You singer’s former home being put on the market.

As we reported over the weekend, Aaron’s mother, Jane Carter, told TMZ she has no desire to fight over his estimated $550,000 fortune left behind in real estate and personal property, but instead believes the assets should go to Prince since the 34-year-old died without a will. She additionally admitted she and the rest of the Carters have not yet met the baby, as their relationship with Aaron was strained, but wants the late star’s twin sister Angel Carter to be the administrator of his estate, according to a Los Angeles court petition.

However, when asked if she wants to be the administrator herself, Melanie told the U.S. Sun:

“My lawyers are handling that right now and we will see the result of what happens, the judge will decide.”

She added:

“We had a lot of assets. He was buying a lot of watches and cars and shoes, everything. As soon as he made money he would give it away and what was left he would spend it. I used all my savings to keep things afloat, paying mortgages, utilities, and much more.”

A hearing at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in LA is currently set for January 25 of next year.

On the bright side, it sounds like the Carter family may be backtracking on their decision to exclude Melanie from Aaron’s memorial service next year, as the grieving fiancée told the outlet:

“I was told I’m allowed to go. I don’t know if it’s a funeral or just spreading his ashes. I guess they changed their mind. I hope so, we need closure, it’s going to be very hard but it’s for the memories and to show Prince when he’s older.”

She added:

“We have all been mourning Aaron and hopefully they can meet baby Prince and everything will work out.”

We previously suspected Melanie’s exclusion may have been in response to her inconsistent relationship with the late star, but we’re glad to hear things have come around. As for Aaron’s relationship with big bro Nick Carter, Melanie revealed he reached out to him in the weeks before his death, and the two were slated to talk things out upon the Backstreet Boys’ return from his Europe tour. She told the outlet:

“He always said positive things about him. He looked up to his brother.”

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As for Melanie herself, she plans on getting back to work as soon as possible, noting:

“I have to work to take care of my son. I love my son and live every day for him.”

When asked how she’ll eventually tell her son about his father’s tragic end, she revealed:

“I have thought about it, but I’m going to have to see a counselor to help me with all of the emotions. How to handle this situation.”

That’s a very mature and responsible plan! We’re glad she’s in the right headspace and has little Prince’s well-being at the forefront of her mind. It’s what Aaron would have wanted, as she had nothing but stellar things to say in regard to his role as a father:

“I’m going to say that he really wanted to be a father. And he was a good father. He would make him like do these cute little giggles. He [Prince] would always play on his stomach and giggle with him. It was pretty cute and [a way to] connect with him. During my labor, he was very cooperative. I mean, he made me feel so comfortable. Without him I don’t think I would’ve been [able to do it], he was there in every moment of my labor. We were there for three days, maybe 24 hours of labor. And then I had an emergency C-section. He was excited to be a father. He was like, ‘I can’t wait to be a dad. I can’t wait to do all these activities and go to Disneyland and just give him the best life he could ever have.’ He had an interview with German TV and he was like, ‘This is all I wanted my entire life was to be a father.’ He said it was his greatest accomplishment.”

She and Aaron first began dating in 2019, and quickly got engaged within one year. She admitted:

“I was really excited and I didn’t think that this love story would end up in engagement right away. It was very fast.”

While she was excited for their future, she still held reservations about the rapper’s demons, suspecting he was buying street drugs from “enablers.” She noted:

“Once Prince was born, he became my priority. Aaron wanted to be a good father, and I knew for that to happen, he would have to go to rehab and stay away from drug pushers.”

As for where she stands now, she painfully admitted:

“I am still waiting on [the] autopsy and really want to know what happened, but it will hurt to know, it’s going to kill me.”

Lots of new details from Melanie’s tell-all interview. A truly tragic death that continues to weigh heavy over the hearts of many. We’re glad that through it all, she and the Carter family are beginning to show signs of unity. What are your thoughts on everything she outlined, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Aaron Carter/Instagram & MEGA/WENN]

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