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Aaron Carter's Loved Ones & Fans Were Worried About Unsettling Behavior In Weeks Leading To His Death

Aaron Carter's Loved Ones & Fans Were Worried About His Unsettling Behavior In Weeks Leading Up To His Death

Aaron Carter‘s fans were worried about his well-being in the weeks leading up to his death.

As we’ve been reporting, the former child star passed away this past weekend at his home in Lancaster, California — and fans are now recalling recent instances of concerning behavior.

The Aaron’s Party singer was no stranger to live-streaming his life. Fans routinely watched as he played music inside his home, spoke out on whatever was on his mind, and more. Along with the inside look at his life, Carter’s livestreams also showed increasingly concerning behavior in the time leading up to his passing.

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As noted by TMZ, in one livestream posted just days before his death, Aaron read a message on camera from his on-again, off-again fiancée Melanie Martin. The message, according to Aaron, was “you’re going to die.” As the outlet notes, it’s unclear what sparked that shocking alleged statement, but the contents clearly upset Aaron greatly.

In a second recent clip, Aaron can be seen singing while apparently driving his car at night. Fans became concerned after watching Aaron film himself in the moving vehicle. Many felt he wasn’t paying attention to the road while driving.

You can see both of those concerning livestream clips HERE.

It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened, either. As we noted via Twitter back in late September, the That’s How I Beat Shaq rapper had long been livestreaming bizarre behavior:

Shocked about the concern they had for the singer’s sometimes-shocking Instagram Live clips, fans let their concerns known:

“I was watching his IG live the other day thinking the guy needed help asap.”

“It’s so sad what’s happening to him”

“Apparently spraying air freshener. we all know that’s not true. That was scary.”

“He’d like us all to think he’s trolling us… but we’re smarter than that.”

“omg awful did they call 911”

“Even if you could force an adult into rehab it wouldn’t make a difference. Aaron has to want to get sober himself- and he is still in denial he even has a problem.”

“He needs to stay off of social media and get some help.”

Fears for his safety weren’t just on Instagram. Twitter users had been noticing what they considered concerning behavior, too.

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In fact, Aaron’s livestream videos were a common topic of conversation on the social media app:

So sad.

The whole thing is just terrible. And clearly, this has been a very challenging and heartbreaking time for Nick Carter and the rest of Aaron’s family and friends, too.

We continue to send our condolences to Aaron’s loved ones during this difficult period.

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Aaron Carter/Instagram]

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