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Alex Rodriguez Gets Trolled On Live TV About Ex Jennifer Lopez's Engagement & Responds SO Awkwardly!

Alex Rodriguez Gets Trolled On Live TV About Ex Jennifer Lopez's Engagement & Responds SO Awkwardly!

Alex Rodriguez probably just wants to watch baseball in peace, and not think about his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez‘s recent engagement to Ben Affleck! But A-Rod’s ESPN 2 co-host Michael Kay clearly wanted to needle the former baseball star a little bit all the same!

This isn’t the first time Rodriguez has been trolled about Bennifer’s resurgent romance, but it might be the best. Honestly, this level of light-hearted shade from the Sunday Night Baseball host was honestly pretty epic!

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It all went down on SNB on Sunday night, when Kay and A-Rod were on air for a broadcast of a baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and A-Rod’s former team, the New York Yankees. During the ninth inning of the MLB rivalry game, Kay pontificated on how great a time it is right now in the sports world. Listing off all the current and upcoming sporting events that fans are excited to watch, Kay waxed poetic about the lovely spring schedule — and also gave A-Rod some very subtle s**t in the process!!

The broadcaster said:

“It’s a great time in sports. You have a new Masters champion, NBA playoffs are about to start, baseball is in full swing, people getting engaged. I mean, it’s a happy time in the world.”

Sounds wonderf–waaaaaait a minute!  What was that part right after “baseball is in full swing”?!?! That part about “people getting engaged“?! We almost glossed right over it, and A-Rod did, too!

It took the former shortstop-turned-third baseman-turned-broadcaster a second to react to Kay’s comment, but the baseball star did eventually pick up on it! As you can see (below), with Kay opining on “happiness and world peace,” A-Rod started awkwardly laughing about the unwanted engagement reference:


Very quickly, fans picked up on the subtle shade delivered by Kay, too. Some were divided on the reaction, though. More than a few viewers took to Twitter to share their surprise that the broadcaster actually took it there:

“That was bold.”

“The 2-1 pitch … that’s right just keep it going”

“‘The 2-1 pitch’ is now going to be a meme for uncomfortable s**t being said”

“Love them both, but Michael K was off the promter [sic] lol”

“[A-Rod] is Dominican, we know how to take a joke!!!”

“Kind of a d**k thing to say.”

Well then!

Of course, A-Rod and J.Lo have quite the romantic history of their own, so the baseball star no doubt feels some type of way at watching the pop superstar move on with her new (old) man!

Rodriguez has been particularly awkward about his former relationship with the Waiting For Tonight singer in the past, too. So perhaps this delayed laugh reaction to Kay’s comments is just another chapter in the ever-growing book of incredibly cringe A-rod moments!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF about the former Yankees great’s take on J.Lo’s happily ever after down in the comments (below)…

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