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Alice Evans Says Ex Ioan Gruffudd SWORE To Young Daughters He Didn't Have A New GF: 'They Think He Might Come Back'

Alice Evans says Ioan Gruffudd hurt daughters with New Girlfriend reveal

The drama continues…

If you aren’t keeping up with the messiest celeb divorce of the year, Vampire Diaries actress Alice Evans went public back in January claiming her husband of 13 years, Titanic actor Ioan Gruffudd, had abandoned their family without warning. She says he left behind not just the marriage but their two daughters, Ella and Elsie (now 12 and 8 years old, respectively).

This week it got worse as the theoretical younger woman Alice was convinced existed was finally revealed: a 30-year-old aspiring actress named Bianca Wallace who had been an extra on his TV show Harrow. Ioan had been away from home most of the time, filming the show in Australia, for three years. It’s unclear at which point during that time the 48-year-old decided to leave Alice for a younger woman. But she’s convinced we’re talking years.

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The 50-year-old momma took to Twitter on Wednesday to blast her ex for cheating. But after a lot of comments, she ended up spilling even more bitter tea about the situation. First off, as you may have seen her mention in earlier rants, Daddy did NOT tell their daughters he had a new girlfriend; they found out the same way we did — by him going Instagram official.


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One commenter asked her:

“Why didn’t a father sit down and tell his children privately that he was in a relationship? Why did he go public instead? That’s horrible.”

Alice quipped:

“And yet when I use social media I’m chastised for it.”

She then added the real gut punch — that their youngest daughter had no idea and is devastated:

“By the way, Elsie is still inconsolable. I can’t send her to school today. Her whole little world has collapsed.”

She’s too depressed for school? That’s awful! (BTW, more people should take mental health days! It’s important! We approve of the parenting choice there!)

Why did it sting so much? Alice says as recently as last week her ex was telling Elsie there was no one else in his life:

“I wanted them to maintain a good relationship with him if possible The really awful things he has done to me I’ve kept to myself. But now – I mean – to LIE about adultery an PROMISE an 8 yo you’d never ever have a girlfriend? Even LAST WEEK!”

That’s not all he was lying about, according to Alice. The 102 Dalmatians star dropped a bombshell that kind of explains the rest of his behavior:

“He hasn’t even told them about the divorce yet. They think he might come back. All his clothes are still where he left them a year ago. Toothbrush, creams, everything.”

Oh no… That is truly awful. Not only is he running away from the marriage, he’s ducking the responsibility of telling his daughters it’s happening?! UGH!


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A post shared by Alice Evans (@aliceevansgruff)

Another fan asked wasn’t Ioan, as a father, in regular contact with the girls. Alice, who previously claimed she hadn’t spoken to her former life partner in over nine months, responded flatly:

“No. He calls Elsie for 2 minutes twice a week and talks about how beautiful his hotel is. Never more than 2 mins. Never on the weekend.

Doesn’t ask any questions.

Turned down my offer of photos.”

Wow. Just wow.

When asked how her 8-year-old came across the IG, Alice revealed she and her elder daughter had already seen it — and chose to rip off the bandaid and show the poor girl. She tweeted:

“What’s the alternative? Letting her go on thinking her Dad ‘would never have another girlfriend’, mantra she’s gotten by on for the last year? You think I should lie for him????”

She then blasted anyone questioning her parenting because she shouldn’t “bring the girls into it”:

“The girls are LIVING it. He’s lying to them on the rare occasions he speaks to them. He won’t speak to me. They see that. They’re not stupid!”

Yeah, if all true, she’d only be doing him the favor of keeping up his lie, continuing the gaslighting — and that’s not right.

Buuuuut there are still MORE awful claims coming out that have nothing to do with the girls. One commenter who seemed to be in the know tweeted:

“Some words of caution for new side chick and marriage wrecker @BiancaWarren.,. Don’t gain an ounce of weight. @IoanGruffudd likes his women anorexic skinny. Time to dig out the Thighmaster and cigarettes”

Dayum! Here’s the thing: Alice agreed! She wrote back:

“You’re not wrong. He told me several times over the years that he couldn’t abide ‘fatties’ and he would leave if I gained weight. I guess he was true to his word this time!”

He’d leave if she gained weight?! Wow. Just… wow.

What do YOU think about these latest shots at Mr. Fantastic?!

[Image via Alice Evans/Bianca Wallace/Instagram.]

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