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Alice Evans Shares Dirt She Just Learned About Ioan Gruffudd's 'Illegal' Relationship

Alice Evans Ioan Gruffudd New Girlfriend Illegal Bianca Wallace

Alice Evans is still learning more about the extent to which her ex Ioan Gruffudd wronged her — and she’s letting the rest of us in on her harrowing journey.

When she first revealed in January that the Titanic actor had abandoned her and their daughters, she said from the start she believed there was another woman involved — but that her husband was lying to her about it.

Nine months after that he finally went Instagram official last week with his new girlfriend, a 30-year-old extra from his TV show, named Bianca Wallace. As she’s been dealing with that hard truth — something the Welsh actor has allegedly been lying to her AND her daughters about — she’s also been digging deeper to find out just how much of a liar and cheater her man really was.

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She previously said the cheating may have been going on as long as three years as that’s how long he was living his life mostly in another country to film three seasons of Harrow. Now she learned he was LIVING WITH his new gal before the split. In a since-deleted tweet on Monday, Alice wrote:

“It seems that when he quarantined in the Alex Perry Hotel in Brisbane (which was a privilege anyway!) He ‘quarantined’ with his lady. Which was not only selfish but totally against the law!”

Whoa, what??

We weren’t the only ones thrown for a loop by the Vampire Diaries alum’s assertion. A fan asked how exactly that was “illegal” to which the 50-year-old responded:

“He was supposed to be “isolating” in case he had brought covid into Australia. If he’s not alone, then he’s passing it on. He made a HUGE fuss and said he was too famous to go to one of the quarantine hotels and wanted his own apartment in a chic hotel. I’ve now discovered why.”

OMG. She thought he was just being “grumpy” as she said on her IG page — but he really needed a special concession to hook up with his side chick faster! Wow.

And of course if this is true it means he was being sketchy not just with his wife but with the whole of Oz. So gross.

Alice also gave an update on the gaslighting situation — that it’s still going on with their youngest daughter, Elsie, who is just eight years old:

He told Elsie this morning that there was no instagram and he wasn’t with another woman.”

Ugh. They’re IG official. Her sister welcomed him to the family. We can all see it still up, how can he lie like that??

As for exactly how long this has been going on, the 102 Dalmatians star doesn’t seem to know yet — but she has strong suspicions now. She revealed:

“It’s been like this since he got back in Aug 2020.
Everything changes from one day to the next
On my birthday, Aug 2cnd (2020) he sent me flowers and a note that said

My Angel. I love you to pieces and will do forever + ever + ever.

Three weeks later…”

Oof. And she shared to another supportive fan:

“I thought it would be a relief to finally find out what was wrong but it’s just getting more and more awful..”

Yeah, she isn’t wrong. And something tells us she hasn’t learned the full extent of it yet.

[Image via Alice Evans/Ioan Gruffudd/Bianca Wallace/Instagram.]

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