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How Ioan Gruffudd's New GF Is Responding To Alice Evans' Homewrecker Accusations

Ioan Gruffudd's Girlfriend Bianca Wallace Responding to Alice Evans Cheating Accusations

We thought we’d seen it all on social media, but we’ve never seen divorce drama publicly play out quite like this.

If you’ve been following Alice Evans’ divorce from Ioan Gruffudd, well, there’s been a lot of content to consume. The actress has shared a LOT about the situation with the internet, and recently, her ex joined in by going Instagram official with his new lady, Bianca Wallace, who was an extra on his show Harrow. (She makes him “smile again,” according to his IG post.)

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Unsurprisingly, Alice had a lot to say about the situation — including that the Fantastic Four star cheated on her with the younger woman. So what’s Bianca’s reaction to being called a “side chick and marriage wrecker”?

Well, besides posting the same ‘gram of the new couple, apparently, she’s also “liking” some telling messages on Twitter. According to Page Six, she clicked the heart button on this inspirational quote:

“Don’t ever let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life.”

Your new man’s ex-wife trashing you online does qualify as a bad day, we suppose!

She also reportedly shared this tweet:

“Affirm: My mind is a garden where I plant seeds of gratitude, joy, abundance, health, and peace.”

How very zen of her!

It’s, well, quite different from the Vampire Diaries alum’s social media activity. Over on her page, she’s been telling followers:

“He PROMISED his 8 year old, Elsie, that there was nobody else. Over and over. This morning she found out. From INSTAGRAM! She is devastated and apparently has been having panic attacks all morning. If you’re cool with that then I have no more to say to you”

She also explained:

“I wanted them to maintain a good relationship with him if possible The really awful things he has done to me I’ve kept to myself. But now – I mean – to LIE about adultery an [sic] PROMISE an 8 yo you’d never ever have a girlfriend? Even LAST WEEK!”

(BTW, why would he tell his kids he’d “never ever” have a girlfriend?! Cheating aside, that’s a pretty insane promise that he obviously wouldn’t have been able to keep…?)

Eventually, the 50-year-old wrote what was ostensibly a conclusion to the saga:

“Ok guys, thank you so much for allowing me to talk and work all this out with you.

Ioan and I had been together for 22 yrs ad not a day had gone by without taking [sic] to each other. What I found out today ripped my heart out.

Twitter has allowed me to get a sense of what is [wrong] and what is right.
I know a lot of you felt I was embarrassing myself by discussing it publicly but try to understand how much that helped me – as did all of you with all your amazing thoughts.

I’ll try to stay away hereforth. (Unless something even worse hits me!)


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However, it might not surprise you to hear that the mother of two continued tweeting, replying to fans, calling her ex a “covert narcissist,” and joking about getting “#TeamAlice” trending.

It’s all a lot to process! We just hope the kids are okay throughout all the nastiness. After all, if they can find out about their dad’s new GF via Instagram, they can probably find all of their mom’s trash talking, too. Hopefully some sort of truce can be reached for their sakes.

[Image via Ioan Gruffudd/Bianca Wallace/Alice Evans/Instagram]

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