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Amber Portwood's Ex Accused Of Offering Fans A Meet And Greet With Their 3-Year-Old Son For $10K!

Amber Portwood's Ex Accused Of Putting Up 3-Year-Old Son For WHAT Amid Ongoing Custody Battle?!

The custody battle between Teen Mom OG mainstay Amber Portwood and her baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, is reaching contentious new highs (or… lows?) as the courtroom controversy continues.

According to testimony in the ex-pair’s ongoing custody battle over the 3-year-old son James, Portwood’s legal team is accusing Glennon of offering fans a chance to meet the baby boy in exchange for $10,000. Wait, whaaaaa??

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The MTV star and her 37-year-old ex-partner were in court for testimony in the child custody case last month, according to new docs revealed by The Sun. During the two-day back-and-forth, Amber’s attorneys argued that Glennon was apparently offering fans the chance to meet James if they donated to a GoFundMe account he made for developing… a trivia game.


Explaining on the record that he was fundraising in order to produce a “pregnancy trivia card game” that he called Preggie Brain, Andrew said:

“It was inspired by the birth of James, and reading all the pregnancy books and I wanted there to be a finding easy way to get all the same information in a card game. So, it’s been a passion project of mine, I guess you could say.”

Uhhhhh, OK! Sadly (LOLz), the card game’s production didn’t take off. Andrew explained what happened after the created the GoFundMe:

“[I wanted] to see what response would be, and it was nothing. Somebody donated $25 and I reimbursed them.”


Less concerned about the failed business venture than about James, Amber’s attorney keyed in on the key reward aspect of the whole thing — giving fans and fundraisers the ability to meet the young child. Pressing Andrew on an apparent GoFundMe perk of his that rewarded people who funded the game production to the tune of five figures with a flight out to meet Amber’s little boy, the attorney questioned:

“Now, based on levels of funding, you were offering opportunities to people that provided funding to this game is that correct? And specifically for $10,000, you agreed that anyone could be flown out to have dinner with the creators and meet the little angel who started this all that’s referring to James, is that correct?”

When Andrew replied affirmatively that he had, the lawyer continued:

“So, if someone was willing to pay $10,000 You were willing to let them have access to James, is that correct?”

Glennon took issue with that characterization, responding:

“No, no, no, not entirely. I mean, the way that I thought of it was, since I’m always in the care of James, that if I meet anybody, James is always gonna be with me. But there’s no such timeshares with my child or anything like that, in the sense.”

But the attorney pressed on:

“But you are specifically allowing access to your child if someone gives you enough money, is that correct?”

Andrew denied that question, too, telling her that wasn’t the case. But the advocate added:

“But you agree that for $10,000, that they can have a night with you and James, correct? Well, that’s what you advertised on your GoFundMe, is that correct?”

On the defensive, Glennon replied:

“Again, I was trying to just see if there’s any interest in this game.”

Unmoved, the lawyer followed it up with this:

“So are you indicating that if had there been interest and money had been provided that you would have not allowed these people access to you and James?”

And then Andrew replied:

“I don’t know.”


Of course, as Perezcious readers will recall, these two exes have been fighting it out in court for quite a while. One of the biggest issues between them is Andrew’s desire to move James to California — which is something Indiana resident Amber doesn’t want to see happen.

To that end, during this testimony, Andrew “immediately shut down” the attorney’s question about whether the “Preggie Brain” funds would have been used to relocate to the Golden State, per The Sun. Still, the potential move is clearly a concern for Portwood, and she’s fighting to keep James nearby her home in the Midwest.

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Amber Portwood/Instagram/WENN]

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