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Mom Of 3 QUITS American Idol Following Standing Ovation & Katy Perry Mom Shame Drama!

American Idol Sara Beth Liebe Quit Katy Perry Mom Shaming

Wow! Sara Beth Liebe was a fan favorite for a lot of American Idol viewers. Not just because of her amazing voice but because she became a hero to a lot of young moms by standing up to criticism!

In case you missed the controversy, Katy Perry made a joke when she learned the singer was already a mother of three at just 25 years old. And when she felt mom-shamed she said something. That’s pretty brave of her considering this is someone who could potentially crush her pop singing dreams. And we’re sure a lot of other young moms have felt similar ridicule when they’re proud of their lives.

Video: Katy Breaks Down After Performer Reveals Emotional School Shooting Story

But that was then… So what happened Sunday night?! The dream just… ended…

Before her performance she admitted in a confessional:

Sara Beth knocked a version of The Police‘s Roxanne right out of the park — even getting a standing ovation from the crowd and her fellow competitors. But then she shocked the judges by saying:

“This opportunity is really rad but this is actually going to be my last performance. My heart’s at home, so I’m gonna get home to my babies. They kind of need me, so thank you.”

That’s right. She quit! She was doing so well, and she just walked away! She told cameras as she walked off:

“Um, I’m going home. It went a lot better than I thought it would, but I’m gonna head home to get home to my babies.”

It was Katy who tried hard to get Sara Beth to change her mind. Calling her back to the stage, she said:

“Sara Beth, life is scary. I also know that it’s easier to walk away than to be rejected. But then I also know that you lose out on your fullest potential. I know that you love your family, your kids, I know that as a mother. But remember self love is just as big as motherly love. Don’t leave the competition.”

But her mind was made up. She said in a confessional:

“I’m really humbled and grateful and Katy had some nice things to say. It’d be nice if my kids were a little older. I understand how big of an opportunity this is, I still kinda want to go home. I’m sure that when I get home, I’ll regret it. I’ll probably go, damn it, Sara, you should have stayed and you should have done it.”

But that was when she was prepared. Off the cuff, she was filmed telling a producer backstage:

“I feel like I’m not gonna win the show anyway, so I might as well just go home.”

But there was more to it. She also said she was “not cut out for show business.” And we learned why later.

Taking to her Instagram the night of the show, Sara Beth shared a video in which she was trembling and couldn’t breathe. It was right after her performance. She wrote:

“I don’t normally share videos like this but I wanted to share this moment from right after my audition when I was having a literal panic attack because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and shock.”

See the full message (below):

It seems like the stress of it all — even the good, positive eustress — was just too much for Sara Beth. Some people can’t get enough adulation — for others it’s a nightmare! Even when they’re this talented!

That on top of having to be away from her young kids? Those momma feelings are real, y’all! Not every mom can be a pop star, it’s really hard! And while she may have the chops — she certainly proved that — she just has way too many feelings right now.

Luckily for her, there’s social media. It sounds like she’s going to continue to work on her music and her own form of pop stardom. Only from home, with her kids by her side. Sort of a “Mom and Pop” operation! LOLz!

Here’s wishing

[Image via Hulu/American Idol/YouTube.]

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