Anna Faris Teases Husband Chris Pratt For His Relationship With One Of His Co-Stars In Jurassic World!! But Who Did She Single Out?!

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Chris Pratt‘s summer blockbuster is not only breaking records — but heart’s as well!

It seems that Jurassic World has taken the summer by storm but has left one person out in the cold!

Anna Faris, AKA Mrs. Pratt, teased her husband on Twitter about his special relationship with one of his co-stars in particular SPOILER: the velociraptor, named Blue.


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She shared:

But it seems that the Mom actress has nothing to worry about since her doting husband was quick to respond on the social media site.

He quipped:


Nonetheless, Miz Faris will have to put her jealousy aside as her husband is slated to star in the summer hit’s sequel.

Can we just say the Pratt/Faris marriage is the ultimate #RelationshipGoal?!

Did you see Jurassic World?! Who was your favorite raptor??

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[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

Jun 16, 2015 7:55am PST

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