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Apple Is Killing iTunes!

Apple Cancels iTunes

OK, some of y’all may want to sit down for this.
According to a new bombshell report in Bloomberg, after two decades Apple is pulling the plug on iTunes!
The outlet says the official declaration will happen during the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California next week. CEO Tim Cook — or as Donald Trump calls him, “Tim Apple” — will apparently make a keynote speech.
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It’s unclear if this will be a presentation in the classic Apple tradition, considering they’re killing one of Steve Jobs‘ creations.

Steve Jobs Apple presentation
Rest in peace…

iTunes was first launched in January of 2001.
The revolutionary app changed the game when it came to purchasing music. Music publishers at the time were happy to overcharge like crazy for CDs — which were actually cheaper to produce than cassette tapes, their audio predecessor — leading to the rise of sites like Napster where people could download songs freely and easily.
iTunes gave music fans a legal alternative, through which they could purchase just the media they wanted, nearly instantly. And it changed everything.
But now, like all technology, it’s considered old and clunky, having been replaced for many with streaming services like Spotify.

So… what’s next?

Per Bloomberg, the company will be replacing iTunes with three new apps for Mac — Music, TV, and Podcasts — much as they’ve already done on some iPhones.
They’re also planning on venturing into the world of original programming, as has been so successful for NetflixHulu, and Prime Video.
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iTunes is still used by millions of people to store their precious collections, so the news of its demise is NOT going over well.
It’s unclear at the moment what will happen to all the music, movies, and podcasts iTunes users have already purchased through the app, which naturally has quite a few people terrified.
Just check out a few of the user comments which flooded Twitter after the news hit:

“yo if itunes is dead do we get refunds on the music we bought? and who’s pocket would it come out of? the artists’? apple? or are we keeping the music but on different music services? but then what would be the point because that’s basically just streaming?”
“@Apple⁩ One Question.. what happens to all the discs and songs I’ve acquired over the years??? Will I get a refund? ”
“if ur gonna force me to use apple music then at least refund me all the money i’ve spent on itunes since 2014 x”
“So is Apple going to give out massive refunds to everyone who’s bought movies or tv shows or music from iTunes? I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent over the years.”
“so do i get a refund for the 314.13gb of media that i’ve purchased from itunes or”

Guess we’ll find out on Monday…
Are YOU scared for your music collection??
[Image via CNET/YouTube.]

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