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Dalton Gomez BANNED From Writing Tell-All About Ariana Grande?? DETAILS!

Dalton Gomez BANNED From Writing A Tell-All About His Marriage To Ariana Grande?? DETAILS!

More details are trickling out of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s divorce, and we’ll just say: we hope you’re not expecting a tell-all!

Now that all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted on the Thank U, Next singer’s divorce, the particulars of their settlement have been making their way out. Last week, we reported that Dalton got a whopping $1.25 tax-free mil, as well as $25k of his legal fees covered as part of their separation, but it sounds like there’s oh, so much more.

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We already know that the two are selling their $6 million-dollar El Lay home, as Page Six reports, and are set to split the proceeds equally. However, a new detail relates more to the memories made inside the home, rather than the home itself. reported on Tuesday that any photos and/or recordings taken throughout the duration of their relationship must be kept private. Court docs forbid the the release of:

“Any photograph (and related negatives), tape, film or like embodiments in all forms whether now or hereafter created or other record or recording of any aspect of any activity in or about any home, office or other property owned.”

We guess that’s a wrap on any more Ariana and Dalton content! Which is probably for the best as she’s controversially moved on Ethan Slater, and the real estate mogul is now busy playing tonsil hockey with Maika Monroe!

Further, the settlement bars both parties from writing a tell-all, or really participating in any sort of medium that would reveal any details about their time together. The legal filings state neither can “give any interview, write, appear in connection with, or assist or cooperate in the preparation or presentation of any book, article, interview, program or other production or publication of any kind whatsoever concerning the other party.”

Well, Dalton better consider himself lucky that he got that massive payout, because it sounds like he won’t be making any money off Ari from here on out!

As far as personal property goes, the 7 Rings singer gets to keep any “earnings and accumulations at any time including prior to the parties’ marriage, during the parties’ marriage, and after the parties’ date of separation.”

Honestly, given the shady timeline of their split and when she moved on with Ethan, this all sounds pretty amicable! What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments down below!

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