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Ariana Madix Already ‘Falling In Love’ With Rebound Daniel Wai?!

Ariana Madix Is Already ‘Falling In Love’ With Rebound Daniel Wai?!

Ariana Madix is already head over heels for the new man in her life!

For those who don’t know, the 37-year-old reality star moved on from her cheating ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval with fitness trainer Daniel Wai. The couple first sparked romance rumors after they were spotted packing on the PDA at Coachella in April. Since then, they’ve stuck by each other’s side! We’ve seen Ariana celebrating Daniel’s birthday in New York City, enjoying romantic date nights, and going to a Yankees game. It’s very sweet.

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And even though they’ve only been seeing each other for a few months, he already got the stamp of approval from her Vanderpump Rules friends. But how does Ariana feel about her new man? Well, it sounds like she’s very smitten with him! We’re talking about the L-word being thrown around here! A source told People on Wednesday that things are becoming serious between the 37-year-old and personal trainer, saying:

“Ariana’s been telling people in her circle that she’s falling in love with him. They met in Mexico at a mutual friend’s wedding, shortly after Scandoval broke. At first, it looked like just a light rebound fling but they have a special bond. Even though he lives in New York City, they’ve been able to make it work.”

Whoa! “Falling in love” already?! The insider added:

“It’s happening faster than she thought but he treats her well, they’re having fun, and she’s happy to be moving on to this next chapter with such an incredible guy.”

She certainly deserves to have a good partner in her life after dealing with the lying and manipulation from Sandoval and her best friend Raquel Leviss! During her first morning show interview for Today with Hoda and Jenna on Thursday, Ariana confirmed that she is “very happy” with her new boyfriend, sharing:

“I’m enjoying myself, and I would say I’m very happy right now. I met him at a wedding about 10 days after all of this. In no way shape or form did I go into that thinking anything. I’ve just been taking things very, very slow and really enjoying myself and it’s just been really lovely to interact with someone who’s just so nice and kind and lovely and caring.”

That’s amazing to hear! When asked about how she’s been able to move on and get “past the anger” surrounding Sandoval and Raquel’s betrayal, the cocktail book author expressed:

“I think my way of getting past the anger stage was just that I became so disgusted, which then turned me into a place of almost indifference because, yeah, apathy. I don’t know if that’s also my brain trying to protect itself.”

Of course, Ariana has had some “super angry moments” early in the scandal. She also noted that it can be “painful” to look back on her relationship with Sandoval at times. However, Ariana feels “that the person I thought I loved or I miss is not really there, so it makes it a little bit easier to cope.” Rather than focusing on what happened, she’s choosing to move forward with her life:

“I just felt that was keeping me in a place that wasn’t good for mentally. That’s kind of why I tried to really push myself to just think about me and my future.”

Good for her! But what does her future look like right now? Don’t worry, Bravo fans! Ariana is not done with Vanderpump Rules after Scandoval. She told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager that she most likely will “be back if they’ll have me back.” As for why she wants to return to the reality series after going through this public heartbreak? Ariana explained:

“I think that especially in reality television, I think the ‘real’ is the most important thing and being able to tell my story hopefully will help other people be able to, maybe we can connect and relate on what we’ve gone through.”

Obvi, if she returns to the show, she wants nothing to do with Sandoval and Raquel! Who can blame her. Since she’s not willing to film with those two, will we potentially see her new beau on our screens instead?! We’ll have to wait and see. You can ch-ch-check out her interview with Today (below):

[Image via TODAY with Hoda & Jenna/YouTube, Daniel Wai/Instagram]

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