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Bam Margera 'Is Dying' Says Brother -- But Might Also Snap And Kill Someone?!

Bam Margera Dying Brother Jess Instagram Story

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Bam Margera‘s older brother is dealing with the terrible reality of the star’s long struggle with drug addiction.

Over the weekend, CKY drummer Jess Margera took to his now-private Instagram account to share a heartbreaking picture and message about his famous little brother.

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Along with an old photo of the Jackass alum during happier times, Jess wrote this crushing message about his beloved 43-year-old little brother on the app:

“I hope none of you have to hurt as much as me right now. He is dying and there is nothing I can do about it.”


Of course, this follows a sordid few weeks for Bam. The former MTV reality star was arrested late last month for allegedly assaulting his brother — making terroristic threats! — at the family’s home near West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Jess took to Twitter at the time to reveal Bam was on the run from the cops after the incident — and to voice his frustration with the Pennsylvania State police for not being able to do more to catch the star skateboarder. Bam then surprised everyone by turning himself in days ago.

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But while Jess’ poignant Instagram message may have broken the hearts of those following this terrible storyline, the rock and roller had other less-than-empathetic things to say, too.

On Sunday morning, Jess posted a series of messages to his Twitter account about the alleged assault Bam delivered upon him last month. Sadly, but perhaps somewhat understandably, they showed a far more frustrated side of the concerned big bro.

In one, Jess told the world he “might have permanent hearing damage” from Bam’s alleged assault — and threatened to sue the reality TV alum over it:

“I might have permanent hearing damage from bams desperate lame ass little ‘attack’ while I was making coffee. If that’s the case all of my bands upcoming touring income he will be sued for and I will fucking win. I’m not a fun enemy to have. I will donate all the money to mental health programs.”

Then, in a follow-up message, Jess added that this hypothetical lawsuit could include CKY members and other various touring bands that would potentially be affected in the future by the loss of hearing:

“Oh and just to be clear it’s not just going to be me suing bam for causing my hearing damage, it will be every band member from every bands lost income from canceling, crew members, tour bus companies, management commissions, concert promoters, booking agencies and accountants. If you want to see the trump lawyer cry, it will be when he is up against an army of livenation lawyers.”


We totally get that he’s frustrated with the situation surrounding Bam. Jess and his family have been dealing with it for a long time — and in ways the public can’t even imagine.

On Monday morning, the CKY star popped up once more on Twitter, too. In a concerning message delivered to his 20,000 followers, Jess offered his interpretation of what he believes cops are (not) doing about Bam:

“Police in a nutshell: ‘yes it’s abundantly clear he is dangerous and could snap at any minute and murder someone. ….But until he aaaaaaaactually ddddoooooeeeessss murder someone, there’s not much we can do.'”


This entire situation is just awful.

We sincerely hope Bam, Jess, and the rest of the Margera clan all remain safe and healthy as the assault allegation and Bam’s addiction battle are both sorted out by professionals.

If you or someone you know is experiencing substance abuse, help is available. Consider checking out the resources SAMHSA provides at or check out

[Image via Bam Margera/Instagram.]

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