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This Isn't The First Time Ben Affleck & Ana De Armas Broke Up!

Ben Affleck Ana De Armas Breakup Details Friends

The Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas breakup has been more than a little confusing.

First the word we were hearing was just that the two were completely on the same page, having chosen together to consciously uncouple because their lives were moving in different directions.

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Not that we ever buy that mutual breakup line, but this one has been a little more elusive than usual. At first we heard that the differences the couple had were about lifestyle: at just 32 years old and with her star on the rise, the Knives Out star wanted to live life to the fullest and do lots of traveling. But Ben, despite being a movie star, is also a 48-year-old divorced father-of-three — and too much of a family man to be able to leave his kids alone for long.

Then another source claimed the age difference played out in a another way — they said Ana wanted to get married and have kids, the whole shebang, but that the Justice League star wasn’t ready to do all that again.

These are two very different portraits of Ana. And while both could be true — people are complicated — they feel way too far apart for us.

Well, the latest info we’re hearing makes things even more complicated. According to a source speaking to E! News on Wednesday evening, this isn’t even the first time BenAna have broken up! The insider claims:

“They took time apart, but found a way to get back together.”

When was that? It feels like we saw them on their dog walks all the time throughout last year — but there was definitely a gap when we didn’t. Looking back on it, they were staying rather low-key throughout September and October. Is it possible they were on a break?

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We know they were back together by November, however, as they spent Thanksgiving together with Ben’s kids. But by Christmas this source says they were on the outs for the second time:

“After spending the [December] holidays apart they both agreed that moving on was for the best.”


Does that mean there’s more of a chance this breakup could be a temporary setback? Maybe less — because they got the trial breakup out of their system already?

This insider definitely leans toward the earlier reports, that Ana “didn’t want to be tied down”:

“The quarantine period was unique because they had down time and really got to know each other spending time at home. Once things started opening back up and work picked up, things started to change. Ana decided she doesn’t want to live in L.A. She didn’t want to be tied down. Their lifestyles are very different and they are in different places.”

Now, says the source, the two are back to being “very busy with their careers.”

There’s still the matter of Ben very publicly throwing out that cardboard cutout of Ana. We mean… he could have cut it up, folded it, put it in a garbage bag before taking it out the street. It seemed to us to be a pretty clear message for anyone watching just where the relationship was.

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Nevertheless other sources still contend the former couple are keen to “still maintain some type of friendship.” An insider told Us Weekly on Wednesday:

“Ben and Ana were so close to each other. They have their issues, but still want to remain on good terms and keep a friendship.”

A source told People the same thing, claiming:

“Ben and Ana’s friendship has not ended. They still talk regularly.”

Really?! What did she have to say about that literal dumping? We mean, the man threw her away in effigy! Ah, to be a fly on the wall for that “amicable” phone convo. LOLz!

People‘s source also noted that Ben “continues to work on himself” post-breakup.

Thus far we’ve seen some of that work seems to be towards losing weight. The man looks absolutely gaunt in the most recent pics we’ve seen. We mean, not trying to judge, but he looks like someone devastated by a breakup.

We’re guessing the truth lies somewhere amid all the reports. What do YOU think happened between Ben and Ana — and may still happen?!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/Instar.]

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