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Wait, Ben Affleck's Wedding Vows To Jennifer Lopez Were HOW LONG?!

Wait, Ben Affleck's Wedding Vows To Jennifer Lopez Were HOW LONG?!

Ben Affleck had a lot to say to Jennifer Lopez when it came time for the couple to culminate their celebration of love!

That’s what Kevin Smith revealed this week, at least. The 52-year-old movie producer and director went on The View on Tuesday morning to discuss his career, his comeback from a nearly-fatal heart attack, and his longtime friendship with Ben! One of the topics of conversation on the show was Kevin’s experience at Affleck’s incredible wedding to Lopez last month. Of course, the A-list couple said “I do” in front of loved ones down in Savannah, Georgia, and the Clerks producer and star was there to take it all in!

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Telling the lovely ladies of The View about his experience down south, Smith recalled:

“When we got there… it was one of the five most breathtaking moments of my life. Watching these two kids who spent, like, all this time together hardcore in the beginning that I was there for, I got to see it. Ground zero, man. Like, they were just so in love. And then, it kind of imploded, and they fall apart. And they had these separate lives, and they built lives, and then managed to come back and find each other and, like, stick the landing.”

So touching!

The filmmaker went on:

“I was blown [away] the whole time. Everybody was. I’m a middle-aged stoner, so everything touches me, man. … Even a cold-hearted robot would walk away from that ceremony going, like, ‘Oh my God, true love could happen.’ This was a real fairytale ending. And she’s got impeccable taste. The whole place looked amazing. She looked fantastic. They all looked fantastic. … I was so happy for them. They deserve it.”

Love that! Smith is so observant. And it sounds like the vibes at the wedding venue were immaculate! But here’s where things get really interesting: the Tusk filmmaker revealed things got very emotional when it came time for the couple to read their vows to each other.

While Ben’s longtime friend was “bawling” in the audience, the actor took out a 12-page (!!!) speech and delivered it to the Waiting for Tonight singer in front of everyone! TWELVE pages?! Unreal!

Smith said:

“He’s one of my favorite writers on the planet. He wrote his vows, they [both] wrote their vows, but he wrote a big speech that he read to her at the wedding, which was breathtaking. And it was long. That’s one of the things about Ben, he’s his own biggest fan, so he wrote like a 12-page speech. And I was his second-biggest fan, so I was like, ‘keep talking, keep talking.'”


You can relive Kevin’s recollection of the memorable nuptials in a clip from Tuesday’s show HERE. The director also had some interesting things to say about the realization that he is “living on borrowed time” following his 2018 heart attack:

Wow. That was definitely a powerful segment. Here’s to Kevin for taking life by the horns, as it were. And we’re even more ecstatic about Bennifer 2.0’s love story! Twelve pages… That makes our day! LOLz!!!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN]

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