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Bianca Censori's Parents Are 'Mortified' And 'Do Not Recognize Her' Amid Kanye West's Clear Raincoat Stunt

Bianca Censori's Parents Are 'Mortified' And 'Do Not Recognize Her' Amid Kanye West's Clear Raincoat Stunt

Bianca Censori‘s family is very concerned about her well-being after the latest stunt Kanye West pulled with her in public.

As you’ll no doubt recall, the Hurricane rapper took to the streets of El Lay earlier this week in the driving rain with his 29-year-old wife in tow. But it wasn’t a regular outing: it was one in which Bianca wore NOTHING except for a clear, see-through plastic raincoat. Meanwhile, Ye was all covered up, including a mask that concealed his face.

After shocking pictures of the pair’s outing surfaced, fans immediately shared major concerns for Bianca. Some likened her to a “hostage” held against her will, while others worried about her mental state and why she and Ye didn’t face legal consequences for their very high-profile act of indecent exposure.

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Now, even more unsettling reactions are in — from insiders purportedly close to Bianca’s parents back in Australia. Speaking to on Wednesday, one source noted that Bianca’s mother Alexandra and her father Leo are “mortified” over the pictures. Unnervingly, the source revealed:

“Her family and friends are mortified because it just keeps getting worse and worse. Bianca clearly doesn’t realize that what she wore isn’t only disgusting and setting a bad example, but she is also potentially breaking the law.”

No kidding… And the fact that Ye was covered up during the cold, rainy nighttime outing was apparently a point of annoyance and upset for her family, as well:

“Meanwhile, Kanye is covered up in five layers of clothes and when his wife looked chilly while naked and wrapped in plastic he didn’t so much as offer her one of his capes.”

The source then added more disturbing details. According to the insider, Bianca’s parents back home Down Under “do not recognize her” since she’s been paraded about in skimpy outfits and more by Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband. Furthermore, they worry Ye is trying to “lock her in” to become trapped long-term under his control:

“Her parents are so distressed over this because they do not recognize her. She would not be doing this unless she was being controlled. He continues to lock her in by giving her more stake and ownership over various projects that he has going on, including the clothing.”


We can’t imagine what it must be like for her parents to see all this going on from so far away. Whether it’s harmless, or disturbing, or somewhere in between, it must be very surreal to be that far from their daughter during her bizarre turn in the spotlight with Ye. Ugh. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Kanye West/Instagram/WENN]

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