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Fans SCARED For Bianca Censori After Kanye West Made Her Wear That Skimpy Outfit In The Rain!

Fans Are REALLY Worried About Bianca Censori After Kanye West Put Her Through That Clear Raincoat Stunt!

Folks have had time to digest the sight of Bianca Censori‘s latest outfit, and the reaction is NOT good.

As we reported on Tuesday, the 29-year-old Aussie and her husband Kanye West turned heads in El Lay during this week’s driving rainstorms when she stepped out in public in nothing but a clear, totally see-through raincoat and boots. That was it. That was the outfit. Ye, as is often typical, was covered head-to-toe, wearing a poncho over his usual black jacket. He even covered his face when the paparazzi arrived! But his poor, unfortunate, and likely FREEZING COLD wife didn’t get the same treatment.

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ICYMI on Tuesday, re-live the shocking display (below):

Now that the rain drops have dust has settled, fans have thoughts. Between X (Twitter) and Reddit, the social media world is abuzz with takes on Bianca’s (non) outfit. And the verdict is… no bueno. As you can see (below), based on her face in those pics, fans are concerned that the architectural designer doesn’t seem so enthralled with being put on display:

“Somebody rescue this lost woman please! Anybody out there who can help her?”

“She looks unhappy n She never seem [sic] to smile in such photos. Feel sorry for her”

“Major red flags here. This is all about him trying to control her and move her away from family, friends and anyone else who could give her some sound advice to drop him while she can”

“Personally I can’t wait until she has enough and writes her book, cause I bet the drama behind each outfit will be fire!”

“He is completely manipulating her.”

“Where is her family? She needs rescuing”

“She always looks like a hostage”

“It seems he has a history of controlling the women in his life”

“Blink if you need help.”

“Utterly dehumanizing. His outfit too. Such a downer”

“This is a criminal offence to be almost naked? In the UK, you would be arrested for outraging public decency.”

“Why is she not being arrested for indecent exposure?”


Some of those takes are so unsettling. And we wondered about the indecent exposure angle, too. WTF??

Of course, this is far from the first time Bianca has been paraded around in mostly nothing. Recall the stuffed animal show-off in Dubai, for one. And that never-ending Italy debacle last September! Who could possibly forget the apparent NSFW Venice water taxi brouhaha?! Yeah…

So yeah, strange s**t has been going on for a while, and concerns about Bianca’s well-being have been bubbling up for just as long. But a clear raincoat is next level even for Ye. Thoughts, Perezcious readers??

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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