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Bob Saget Cause Of Death Revealed -- UPDATE

bob saget : autopsy complete, cause of death could take months

UPDATE 2/10 12:00 P.M. PST: Per TMZ, the full autopsy report includes the following injuries: abrasion of the posterior scalp, subgaleal hemorrhage, linear fracture of the base of the skull, comminuted fractures, subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hemorrhage and contusions. The coroner believes he must have hit his head while falling backward. The outlet also notes that the autopsy report reveals Saget was indeed still positive with COVID at the time of his death (a fact many assumed knowing he revealed the diagnosis days before his passing).


Authorities have answers as to what caused Bob Saget‘s tragic death.

The comedian and TV sitcom star’s family confirmed Wednesday night that Saget apparently died of a brain bleed after some kind of fall or impact to his head hours before that fateful moment.

Of course, the longtime public figure died early in January in a hotel room in the city of Orlando, Florida, following a rousing and successful late-night comedy outing hours earlier in the Sunshine State.

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TMZ claims “sources with direct knowledge” of the events leading to the Full House alum’s passing revealed that he had “an obvious bruise” on the back of his head in the hours after he was found dead in his central Florida hotel room. And now, Saget’s family has confirmed this news with their own public statement on the matter, as well.

Authorities are unsure as to what object Saget’s head may have struck or fallen on to cause the bruise. Investigators believe he was not aware of the severity of the apparent injury. They hypothesize that the bruise could have been caused by something like the headboard in his hotel room, or a similarly hard object.

Evidently, not realizing the serious nature of the newly-acquired injury, Saget apparently opted to go to sleep in his room in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando. At some point in the night, then, he died of complications from that impact.


Later on Wednesday night, after the cause of death report was first published, Saget’s family released a statement to the outlet in which they acknowledged that they had seen the “final conclusions from the authorities’ investigation” into his passing.

The family shared this with the public (below):

“Now that we have the final conclusions from the authorities’ investigation, we felt it only proper that the fans hear those conclusions directly from us. The authorities have determined that Bob passed away from head trauma. They have concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep. No drugs or alcohol were involved. As we continue to mourn together, we ask everyone to remember the love and laughter that Bob brought to this world, and the lessons he taught us all: to be kind to everyone, to let the people you love know you love them, and to face difficult times with hugs and laughter.”

So sad.

Sending all of our love and condolences to Saget’s family, beloved co-stars, and other loved ones as they continue to try to cope with his unexpected and heartbreaking loss.


[Image via C.Smith/WENN]

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