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Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Says He Crashed Wedding To STOP Her From Marrying Sam Asghari AGAINST HER WILL??

Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Says He Crashed Wedding To STOP Her From Marrying Sam Asghari AGAINST HER WILL??

Uhhh, is Jason Alexander onto something here or off his rocker?!

Britney Spears’ first husband made a mess of her wedding day when he tried to crash the special event in June, but now he’s claiming it was all to protect the pop star. Are you buying this?!

According to on Friday, they met up with the 40-year-old to discuss his shocking actions on Britney’s big day during a hike just two miles from the singer’s California home. During the conversation, Jason was often spotted analyzing his exes’ Instagram posts… while walking around shirtless — why else would he do that if not for attention? Just saying!

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Discussing his ex-wife, Jason told the outlet he was surprised to learn she was marrying Sam Asghari and needed to see the sight for himself. He explained:

“I couldn’t let her get married with the conversations we’ve had over the last two years. I wasn’t there to cause harm. I was just there to speak to Britney and make sure she was okay and this is what she wanted.”

He claimed they spoke a few days before her wedding and she didn’t mention her nuptials at all. When he saw news of her wedding make headlines, he feared she was being forced into marriage, especially after her 13-year conservatorship. He added:

“I spoke to her the Monday leading up to the wedding and she didn’t mention anything about getting married. We talked about the people she hangs out with that calls her her friends. Business associates that profit off of her.”

Jason continued:

“Most people aren’t aware of what’s been happening in the background.”

Apparently, their conversation lasted around 30 minutes. Afterward, Brit told Jason she’d contact him through WhatsApp, but when she never did, he became worried. Then the wedding news dropped. He noted:

“I wanted to see it for myself.”

And he did — but in the worst circumstances ever! As we reported, Jason filmed himself on Instagram Live as he scaled a fence and broke onto the performer’s property. He was eventually tackled by security, but not before reportedly reaching her bedroom door, which was thankfully locked. Later, it was revealed he had a KNIFE on him! Throughout the whole ordeal, he was heard yelling:

“I’m Jason Alexander. The first husband. I’m here to crash the wedding.”

“She’s my first wife, she’s my only wife.”

The childhood friends married in Las Vegas in 2004, but their relationship only lasted 55 hours. Now, he argued that he would never have been arrested and the “outcome would have been different” if he had gotten to speak with Britney. Sam, on the other hand, could have faced serious danger, he suggested:

“I don’t know what would have happened, but that would have been interesting.”

WTF. So far as we know, Sam’s done nothing wrong. Especially not to warrant a violent attack from his wife’s first husband! Thank goodness security stopped him when they did. While it doesn’t seem like Jason’s too remorseful for his actions, he does understand why the trespassing looked so problematic:

“It could look a little scary if you don’t know the history.”

Or just because it was scary, no matter the history! Whether or not his intentions were pure, he didn’t handle the situation right AT ALL. And the law agreed. He was arrested and pleaded no contest to aggravated trespassing and battery, both misdemeanors, in August. Two other charges — felony stalking and misdemeanor vandalism — were dismissed. He was sentenced to 128 days in the Ventura County Jail but was still credited with time served for the 64 days he spent in prison since his arrest. Interestingly, he’s currently wanted by police after failing to appear in court for allegedly stealing his landlady’s $2,000 diamond tennis bracelet in 2015.

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So, what does he think the wedding was all about if not a real act of love, then? He mused:

“It’s all for show. A Hollywood script. I don’t think she looks happy. That whole thing is not real.”

What would the advantage of a forced wedding with Sam be, though? From what we can tell, he’s been supportive of her throughout her conservatorship and she openly discussed wanting to marry him. Hmm.

When asked if he’d like to see the Baby One More Time vocalist perform again, the embattled ex responded:

“I want to see her happy.”

Regardless of what Britney does in the future, he expressed his desire to see the Grammy winner take back control of her life, furthering:

“I want her making her own decisions on who she can be friends with and who she can see. I [want] her making her own decisions, feeling like she has the freedom to choose what she does with her time.”

Don’t we all! Oddly, though, it sounds like Jason has a soft spot for the Spears family! Seriously?? He said:

“We all make mistakes and family is family. Forgiveness is something we have to learn to do in our heart.”

Yeah, he should NOT be the one telling Britney to forgive and forget! He nearly screwed up the happiest day of her life! And it never sounded like she wanted his help in the first place. After all, Spears kept her wedding under wraps from the public for as long as she could, so why would she tell her ex-husband, who could potentially ruin the surprise?

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Was Jason right to be concerned? Let us know (below)!

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