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Britney Spears' Ex-Assistant Says Team Stripped The Singer Of A Support System & Created A 'Toxic' Environment On Tour: DETAILS

britney spears, felicia culotta : ex-assistant recalls toxic environment on tour

Britney Spears’ former assistant is back with more harrowing details from inside her conservatorship.

Felicia Culotta first shared her experiences on the pop star’s team in the bombshell New York Times documentary Framing Britney Spears. The FX/Hulu production recently released a second installment that delved deeper into Britney’s conservatorship, Controlling Britney Spears, and Felicia once again participated with more upsetting recollections from her time on tour.

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Specifically, Brit’s one-time employee described the Circus tour as “a toxic environment” that “made many people feel just yucky.” Despite the fact that she had known the singer before she was ever famous, it was during this period that their relationship began to grow apart — and not by choice. She explained:

“It slowly became where I wasn’t allowed by her side and wasn’t allowed to have a conversation without other people present, which was very odd.”

In fact, before the European leg of the tour, Jamie Spears told Felicia not to come because “Britney never wanted” her on the tour, and that in fact, “if she ever sees you, she won’t go on stage.” But because she had already booked accommodations, she was allowed to stay on with the team as long as she avoided the Everytime artist at all costs.

Felicia considered that the momma of two might be mad at her, but wanted to stay nearby so that Brit knew she “believed in her.” She stayed out of sight nearly the entire time, but then:

“At the very last show of that European run, as I go to leave the office, she comes in with security in the far door. And it’s almost like the very air was sucked out of the hall because everybody knew I wasn’t supposed to be there.”

But instead of being rebuffed by the Mickey Mouse Club alum, Britney actually excitedly embraced her and asked where Felicia had been this whole time. The assistant recalled:

“It was at that point I thought, wait a minute, were they trying to turn the two of us against each other?”

She added:

“I don’t know what parameters they were working under or with, but I certainly realized now, that I being part of the support system was not welcome. And I feel like, at some point, the reason I was moved away from being part of the support system is that I simply said, ‘If I see something with my eyes, I will tell it.’ And if I’d seen something, or if Brit had said, or reached out in any way and said ‘Fe, I’m scared,’ like she has vocally said since, I wouldn’t have allowed that. So, the further they could push me back, the smaller the support system got.”

Regarding her former employer’s June court testimony, which marked a huge shift in the conservatorship case, Felicia worried about how “frightened” her friend sounded:

“That’s the thing that I want to say bothers me the most, because these are people that are supposed to protect her. How many times has she said this before and why has nothing changed? I think she simply wants to be heard, but my goodness, how many times does she have to say it? How loud does she have to scream it?”

However, she also said she “was extremely proud of her and the bravery it took” for the Crossroads actress “to take up for herself.” Felicia reflected:

“Once Britney started telling her story, I felt like there are gonna be many people and many memories that would need to be talked about to put all the puzzle pieces together and make the truth of the story come out.”

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Sadly, she revealed that she doesn’t “have any way of getting in touch with” Britney now, because “all the numbers” she used to have for the 39-year-old have since been changed. If she could talk to her now, Felicia explained emotionally:

“First off, I would make you giggle. Second off, I want you to remember all the funny things, all the fun times, I want you to remember how strong you are, how talented you are, how silly you are, how goofy you are and that, that heart of yours is gigantic. My goodness, I told you every day how much I loved you. If I had one penny for every fan that’s just reached out to me to send their love to you, boy I’d be a rich woman.”

She concluded:

“Hang in there, your voice is coming back. You are louder and prouder and more powerful than I’ve seen you in a really long time. And I love you and I will support you, no matter what.”

Wow. We knew that Britney’s testimony was only the tip of the iceberg, but it seems like there are more upsetting stories from the conservatorship than we possibly could have imagined. We appreciate Felicia continuing to stand up for her, and hope that Brit has access to her true support system soon.

[Image via FX/Hulu & Britney Spears/Instagram]

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