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Britney Spears Goes OFF On 'So Called Friends' Who Spoke In 'Trash' Documentaries!

Britney Spears Goes OFF On 'So Called Friends' Who Spoke In Documentaries!

Britney Spears is still harboring a LOT of resentment after her former pals and colleagues participated in the many documentaries about her life and conservatorship battle released last year!

In a scathing Twitter post on Wednesday, the 40-year-old pop star called out her “so called friends” for only appearing to help her after she’d already successfully fought for the end of her “toxic” 13-year conservatorship. Referencing a story her former assistant Felicia Culotta said in the NYT‘s Framing Britney, she began:

“I want to thank the head people who did all the documentaries to help free Brit Brit !!! I mean such classy footage !!! The best part to me was when my old assistant talked about how I went through the neighborhood passing out 100 dollar bills when my first song came out !!! I wish I could go inside the heads of people like my dad [Jamie Spears] and her and really try to understand why people lie and make up such things like that !!! I mean it doesn’t get lower than that … why did you say that ??? That’s not even true !!!”


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Britney went on to blast anyone who participated in the docs — such as Framing Britney and Netflix‘s Britney Vs. Spears — saying:

“Wasn’t it already bad enough what they did to me and on top of it everybody is getting together and doing the trashiest docs I’ve ever seen in my life saying it’s TO HELP ME ??? You must be some clever folks !!! It was so embarassing [sp]! I think the meanest part was the deception in claiming it was to help me !!! The embarassing [sp] 5 minute talk my stylist [Hayley Hill] did crying on camera about my dad taking my phone away … and then talking about my boys [Sean Preston and Jayden James]… it was humiliating !!! Just the concept in of itself of people actually watching it was low !!! And no … I don’t think it helped me !!! Just by my WORD speaking out and saying what they did to me alone was ENOUGH … should I say it again ??? ENOUGH !!!”

It’s not even just the fact that people were rehashing her struggles that frustrates her so much. The Baby One More Time vocalist once again expressed feeling hurt that nobody in her inner circle stood up for her while all the alleged abuse was occurring — instead waiting until after she was free from the legal arrangement to speak out. She continued:

“I am a person … I’m not a robot or a science experiment like they analyzed me in that place [a mental health facility she was forced to check into while in the conservatorship] !!! I’m a valued soul … so for the documentaries that were done on me, they were trash and nothing more than trash … period !!!! Should I go there ????? Let’s GET TO THE POINT !!! Every person who sat there in those docs knew or if THEY DIDN’T KNOW could have found out where they were keeping me !!! They KNEW and it’s time to realize that it was THEN I needed REAL people to go to the cops and say ‘Jesus Christ what is going on ???? Aren’t there labor laws ??? The girl has been working like a dog!!!’ So my so called ‘friends’ wait to speak in trash documentaries !!! Where was the passion to help me when I called them in that place ??? When they realized I finally got to speak at court for the first time and revealed what was done ??? I felt like they felt bad and said we will help her now … but to me it looked like it was a show !!!”

All of this has made her lose trust in people, Brit continued:

“I miss my love of people … I miss feeling accepted and not feeling bullied or scared of the people I would literally die for !!! I miss the opening of my mind and SURRENDERING to love and feel in love with someone else !!! The REFLECTION of falling in love with someone else that makes you fall back in love with yourself !!! I mean we all love ourselves but how deeper is it if you can share that with other people !!! I talk to horses cause I can’t take looking at people’s faces anymore. My heart skips and I stop breathing normally !!! I recently found out that when I don’t get enough oxygen to my brain I feel nerve damage on the right side of my body !!! My hands go numb every night when I go to sleep … it’s not my fault … but I will say it’s pretty f**king painful !!! I haven’t even gone to a doctor about it ….. WHY ??? Cause I’m terrified of them after what they did to me before !!!”

So sad…

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She’s also struggling to maintain a relationship with her faith, Spears detailed:

“It’s weird though … I lost my faith in God. I miss having conversations with enlightened people !!! The kind of conversations that connect you to God !!! The child-like conversation of ‘wow, that’s cool !!!’ The enlightened interest of opening one’s mind … when you connect with people like that and feel accepted, loved and not scared … that’s when miracles happen !!! But nowadays for me when I just feel presence of a person I immediately freeze and have to catch my breath !!!”

Ugh. We hate to hear it. She has been through so much. Hopefully, she’s able to get the proper help to heal from these traumas — both mentally and physically. On the health issues she believes stem from her time at the mental health facility, the Crossroads alum continued:

“I do believe that when I was in that place I may have gotten serious mental trauma from not breathing normally … my nerve damage shoots from my hand up to my back, neck, and to the right side of my head !!! I feel paralyzed sometimes because it feels like pins and needles just stinging !!! I don’t feel it all the time but when I do it’s just scary and I know something is not right !!”

Yikes. Sounds really concerning and painful! While she’s hesitant to reach out for professional help, the performer has found one outlet to help soothe her pain — dancing! She explained:

“Well … I’ve given up on people but I do have hope when I dance and sing in praise !!! It’s weird I don’t feel the nerve damage when I dance … maybe that’s belief … and God knows I’m not a professional but I am able to feel something in those moments !!! In the meantime though I have so many advisors saying every day … every morning ‘good news, the lower people go, then the more you should take the high road’ !!! Or how about I fall from heaven and greet them in Hell and scare the motherf**king s**t out of them !!! I mean I’ve been here before and let me tell you my horns are extremely kind !!! But I WARN YOU IN RETROSPECT !!! I CAN ALSO BE THE MEANEST … now how mean ?????”

It’s very clear the mother of two still has a lot to process and heal from…

Earlier this week, Britney also called out Millie Bobby Brown after she expressed an interest in portraying the singer in a biopic. Clearly, the star just isn’t ready to see other people profit off her tough life experiences, and it’s understandable! Where was all this energy over the last decade? We’re just glad she’ll be able to tell her story in her own words soon… Thoughts? Sound OFF (below)!

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