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Britney Spears' Dad Jamie Spotted For First Time Since Conservatorship Controversy -- At His Trailer?!

Britney Spears' dad is reportedly living in a trailer or RV near her old childhood home in Kentwood, Louisiana?!

Dateline: Kentwood, Louisiana where paparazzi cameras have captured Britney Spears‘ dad in new footage — the first clips, in fact, since his daughter’s bombshell conservatorship reveal late last week.

Jamie Spears was photographed publicly by paparazzi cameras at a storage facility on the outskirts of Kentwood over the weekend. In the photos, the 68-year-old can be seen signing papers along with an unidentified man, while seated at what appears to be a desk with a Monster Energy poster or flag draped over the side.

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Spears himself is shown in glasses and a white t-shirt while seated; he’s also wearing a Monster Energy hat while waving his hands and gesticulating during his talk with the other man. Several outlets note the elder Spears “looked more feeble” and worse for the wear than the last time he was seen in public, but he doesn’t seem that way to us. Really, he just looks like a 68-year-old guy doing… whatever it is 68-year-old guys do.

You can see the pics HERE and decide for yourself.

Also on the premises was a trailer for his catering company, Cookin’, Cruzin’, & Chaos (aptly named…). And yes, if you clicked through and saw it in the pictures, your eyes do not deceive you: the company’s slogan really is “put a little south in your mouth.” Staying classy, we see!

Britney Spears Reportedly Felt ‘Very Nervous’ To Address Her Conservatorship In Court
Britney has shocked the world with her conservatorship claims over the past week. / (c) FayesVision/WENN

The whole thing went to another level, though, when the New York Times reported that the elder Spears apparently lives in a trailer that he parks there, outside the storage facility where he was seen in these shots. After selling Britney’s nearby childhood home back in February for a reported $275,000, Jamie allegedly lives in an RV-type vehicle on the lot. Between there and the storage units themselves, the paper of record claims he now looks over assorted memorabilia from the former Mickey Mouse Club kid’s long pop music career.

What a life…

We have to wonder at least on some level just how, ummm, convenient it is that the elder Spears would be seen in such modest, “normal person” circumstances right at this moment.

After all, it’s been mere days since Britney first dropped the bomb on the horrors of her conservatorship — emotional, psychological, physical, financial. And now, suddenly, Jamie is seen wearin’ a Monster hat, sittin’ at a Monster desk, livin’ in an RV, hangin’ at the storage facility. You know, just cookin’, cruzin’, and chaos… or something like that.

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Catch our drift, y’all?! Call us overly skeptical but it seems like he’s trying to show how he’s just a super-normal country dude right as his daughter accuses him of (among other things) controlling her finances? Might this be a PR tactic?!?! And kind of a shrewd one, at that??

Just pondering!!

What do U think about these new Jamie pics, Perezcious readers?! Swayed one way or another by seeing his “normal” life?? Or are you not buying what the conservatorship team is selling??

Sound OFF with your take on everything Britney-related down in the comments (below)…

[Image via WENN]

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